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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Removed_User_6, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Is there anyone in melbourne that makes cheap custom exhaust pipes for motorcycles??

  2. From when I was shopping for cans six years ago, Madaz seemed to have lower prices.
  3. Oops the memory is foggy, I should have said: Megacycle. :oops:
  4. I got megacycle because for a single pipe they were $150.00 cheaper. They have a load note at high cruising revs, don't flatten out much, but sounds great on the 250.
  5. My mate wants a cheap, legal system to put on his Kwaka ZX-R750 whilst it is in Road Mode...
    He likes to remove his race pipe when he is riding on the road, His track pipe has been dropped and is now VERY loud...
  6. Yeah, like Steve said, Megacycles are probably the lowest cost, but none are cheap......

    I got twin megs on my 250, but have seen them do a two into one for a ZZR600... looked and sounded sweet
  7. Megacycle have a good name.
    (sound nice too)
  8. BTW the owner of Megacycle, Ken Onus, races an R6 in Australian Superbike's, so he has some knowledge of racing requirements.
  9. what they all said.
  10. how much $$$ are you looking at for a performance exhaust for a 250cc bike roughly?
  11. Mike at OCD Racing 0408 491 668 specialises in Remus, Yoshimura & Arrow & his stubby cans look & sound sooooo sexy! Very competitive prices!