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Pipes for the Zed..

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by AnotherMacca, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Time for a pipe upgrade on the Zed.


    Carbon Fibre. (ie, no Staintune)
    Full Size. (ie, no Arrows Powercones)
    Louder than the stock Kwaka pipe (Not hard)

    The short ( :roll: ) list is:

    Leo Vince SBK Oval Carbon (~$380US)
    Remus Oval Carbon GP (~$890AU)
    Muzzy's Oval Carbon (~$446US)
    Micron Carbon Fiber Oval Race (~$540US)
    Hindle Oval Carbon Race (~$506US)
    Megacycle Oval Carbon (~$700AU)
    Mivv Oval Carbon GP (~EU350)

    I hadn't heard of Mivv before, but interesting in knowing if anyone here has heard anything about them?

    http://www.mivv.it/risorse/2/181/328/Kawasaki_Z750_04_Tondo_Gp_Racing.wmv (Sorry to all you Mac users..)

    Any other thoughts?
  2. do a search on D & D exhausts, there is some nic e clips on youtube of some inline4's and they sound rather meaty quiet nice, but the leo vince is a awsome price, but i also do like the remus', they sound great on my bike, but then its a vtwin of course they sound great :LOL:
  3. I love the flame out the exhaust as he backs it off :grin:

    no other useful comments though sorry
  4. try tingate there local :grin: back of warrandytte
  5. That's cool - I liked the flame too.. :LOL: :cool:

    Gee thanks, another one to add to the list I'm trying to shorten.. :roll: :p I'll have a looksee.
  6. Thats cool i have one on the 9 and although its old and come with the bike it had a crack appearing so i rang them and he replaced the rear cone and re rivited and polished it for $50.00. So i can vouch for the service :grin: web site tingate racing
  7. thats awesome service