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Pipes for the VFR - Triangle - Suggestions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by doonx, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. OK guys n gals. I want pipes for the new VFR. I have seen an 06 black with a pair of oval carbon fibre Remus pipes that looked good. But since getting it of course with the standard pipes on it, I have grown accustom to the triangular stainless pipes.

    Who makes triangular stainless sports pipes that will go on a VFR ?

    I have checked out Staintune, but they only make oval stainless for the VFR. What other suggestions can you make ?

    I'm not after ear bleedingly loud pipes, but I absolutely want a note that is low and growly and really showcases the V4 rumble, along with a sexy amount of "loud".

    I have also read a little about having the system going into 1 pipe only as that produces better performance. Any comments on that ? I guess the other pipe is either a blank, or a storage unit.

    Are there pipes that are available overseas, or should I buy locally. What recommendations can you make regarding local installation, and or custom manufacturing ?

  2. Yoshi make tri-oval cans.

    mmmmmmm yoshi
  3. it seems that neither Yoshi noe the Blue Flame are made for a VFR.

    Any other suggestions ?
  4. EH?

    They make blueflame for both pre and post VFR 800's according to the drop down list on that site
  5. There are 2 listing for VFR800, both of them are NON-VTEC.
  6. DoooH!

    You're right...

    Formula 1 sell the pommie lazer zorsts, they have a triangular/oval single pipe setup for earlier VFR's, the 01 is VTEC isn't it?

    the later models are oval only it seems.

    Two brothers racing do a "stash" zorst that turns the left hand can into a storage area, but the right can is still oval ( http://tinyurl.com/7sov2 )
  7. the 01 VFR was the last of the Pre-VTEC's

    Will check out the other stuff you've posted though, ta :)
  8. Wonder if the Akros make them for the new VFR.. They make a hex shape pipe with a carbon tip, look really modern and i think would look great on your bike Doonx. They were my choice after the Two Brothers. Or you can see if TB make a set for them.
  9. That's a pretty good idea.