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pipes and air intake for my vstar

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by spongesam, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. So,

    Tonight i've decided i'm definately purchasing a slipon exhaust n possibly a new air intake.
    I found some nice looking cobra pipes and they're a great price.

    Now, there's a few intake kits to get and i'm not sure which i should.

    BAK, hypercharger are the 2 front runners...

    hypercharger has good looks but possibly no real performance increase, and BAK isn't as attractive but probably is more useful.

    I'm just after your opinion on them all.



    Oh, and then there's one that requires a bit more work, the Max Air kit, which relocates the location of the filter.
    Hoping for some suggestions and guidance.

    What I want out of this is, good looks and performance increase, but I don't want bad looks and performance increase. So might take a lesser of performance for better looks. And, for the $$ I don't want to waste my money either!
  2. I'd go the hypercharger as its more weather-tolerant. Read the Big Air Kit details very carefully - as they expose the air filter to the elements, dust and rain are a real problem. The hypercharger still picks up weather, but nowhere near to the same degree thanks to the butterfly valves. HOWEVER the hypercharger will protrude from the frame a lot more. Doesn't bother me on my bike (I have one on my XV1600) as I have long legs, but it can get in the way for some people.

    As for performance gains - honestly - there isn't that much difference. Just ensure you rejet the bike correctly for it, and its not worth installing either without a decent exhaust system. I'm not sure slip-ons will have enough flow over the regular pipes to give you the full gains of the unit. You may find slip-ons plus a K&N filter in the stock airbox will be a more cost effective option.
  3. so i took your advice, saved a bit of money and just bought a K&N filter...

    awaiting delivery of some pipes (decided on the jardine ones for the price) and filter... hopefully this week :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy can't wait.

    i'll take a before and after sound recording if i can too :)
  4. There are some pics on another forum, of a hypercharger, with throttle butterflys, with a single red LED inside the hypercharger.

    Looks so cool,
  5. Hi,
    Why would you change from the original if there is no performance increase?