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Pipe noise and saddlebags

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tubbsy, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hi fellow cruiser riders!

    Just bought myself a V-Star 650 with V&H 'Cruzer' pipes, which are pretty loud. All good so far...

    I have tinnitus (ringing in my ears), have had it for awhile, but I can't work out if the pipes are loud enough to be making it worse. Does anyone have/has had the same issue? Yep, I use earplugs.

    What I'm wondering too, is do saddlebags create almost a barrier to the sound between you and the pipes? Or is that wishful thinking? (no saddlebags yet)
  2. hate to say it but wishful thinking, I have had bags on and off with pipes and never noticed any difference.

    what type of ear plugs and helmet are you using? maybe they need an improvement, i would have thought ear plugs would have almost cut out the noise from the cruzers as they really aren't that loud.
  3. Using plugs I bought from a bike shop, albeit cheap plugs. Got some Hearos skull screws on the way.
    Helmet is a decent helmet probably doesn't stop much noise at all being a flip up. Thing is, it'd be cheaper to get new exhausts put on than a $1k helmet.

    Love the sound of the bike.....these cruzers are loud, even the guys at the dealership commented on how loud it was.
  4. With all arguments of "you need to hear the traffic around you" aside, what about noise cancelling earbuds?

    I'm heavily considering this as I find I'm turning up the music up too far just to hear it at highway speeds
  5. I'd recommend passive "isolator earphones" (which are like foam or silicone earplugs which have an audio driver attached) over electronic noise-cancelling stuff.

    Etymotic and Shure ones have an insertion loss (hearing protection) of between 20 and 30dB(a), which is typical for disposable foam earplugs. Cheaper brands are available but I'm not sure what hearing protection they offer, offhand.

    Isolator earphones are great for airports and public transport, too. :)
  6. Where do you get those from?
  7. loud and proud mate...

    mine are 156dp hell loud .... neighbours car alarm goes off in there garage when i start mine up lol..
  8. Ha ha, classic. They haven't said anything yet?
  9. nah i think they are scared of me lol... i am a short fat redhead with patches on my vest so they just wave and nod at me...... pretty funny
  10. Ha ha, fear is the way to go huh? ;-)

    They all reckon you're a bikie....uh....are you a bikie? If you're not, you probably attract unwanted attention from both cops and bikies with patches don't you?
  11. You sound just like my neighbour, though I have no problems with mine.

    He may have a ridiculously loud Harley, but he also works nightshift and I have a very loud 2-stroke lawnmower (and very short grass on the lawn closest to his bedroom window) :LOL:.
  12. well if the term bikie means someone that rides a loud cruiser and wears patchers then yes... but if you mean bikie as in someone with a back rocker and the 1% patch then NO... my vest has not got any back patches on it at all... the club i am with is the SOUTHERNCROSS CRUISER CLUB .. we are a club for jap and european bikes only no harleys.. so i dont see myself as a 1% nor do i act like it...

    i dont start my bike in early mornings maybe 9am at the earliest and i never ride at night ..

  13. Im about 85%-95% shure that no one who uses netrider are "bikies" - meaning the whole 1%er and wings and shite. Thats IMO