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PIP (knuckle) Joint issues after freeway ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Vereor, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm new to posting here but been stalking for a month or two since I got my first bike ;)

    Anyway, couple of weeks ago I was coming back from the central coast down the F3, probably a 45 min trip sitting at constant speed with no real changes, on a GT650R. The next day, I wake up and try to move my fingers on my right hand and they just dont want to bend all the way at the PIP joint (first joint up from the knuckle) across all 4 fingers, though the thumb is fine. Feels like extreme muscle stifness kind of pain which is actually preventing me from making a fist. I can easily move my fingers into a fist by moving them with the other hand without any pain though, so the joint is still operational. :-k

    My question is, has anyone heard of this sort of injury coming from gripping the handlebars for extended periods of time? Is it a combination of gripping the bars tight and seating position (leaning forward)?

    If it's a common thing people have seen come and go over the years then thats cool, else I'll be heading off to the doctor to see what's going on. The site's I've read (http://www.eorthopod.com/public/patient_education/6566/pip_joint_injuries_of_the_finger.html) seem to indicate a 4-6 week healing period, but splinting them all together (apart from looking retarded) would really stop me from riding and probably interfere with my day-job (software developer, type without moving fingers? [-().

    Any insight would be great, thanks :)
  2. My girlfriend does this. She'll ask everyone, and wiki everything before seeking the help of a medical expert who spent 8 years at university and every other day working in the field.

    Just go to the doctor.

  3. I get "trigger finger" on both hands, Im pretty sure its caused from riding, but I'm not going to stop just because of that. It sounds kind of the same as you have, sometimes my fingers will not straighten on their own and I have to wrench them back into place (with a few crunching sounds...), the doctor told me there is a slight operation which can rectify the problem, (because Ive left it go so long) but when you get it early there is a lot more they can do. Go to the doctor, Im sure he can help.
  4. At first glance, it sounds like you are gripping the bars to tight.
    Obviously if it is really bad get a doctor on it, but if it has gone away then concentrate on a more relaxed grip.
    If it happens again then definitely get some professional advice.
  5. as falcon said ,it sounds like you are gripping the bars too hard .
    you wouldnt have done any pop injury you will find its more a nerve issue, caused by vibration and holding too tight .

    easy remeidies : sponge grips will cut down the vibration
    grip tank with legs , intentionally sit up easing pressure on wrists.

    second , it could be a tendonitis type issue thats being aggravated , but not caused by riding
    ie work thing but riding just inmflames it .

    eitherway you will need to adjust your riding posuition and habits.
  6. It's called the "Death Grip". Common amongst new riders as they hold on too tight for "grim death". Sometimes shows up as pins and needles, sometimes as stiffness. The bar vibrates as you ride, try hanging onto a demolition hammer for extended periods and you get the same result.

    You need to consciously relax your hands a bit till you get used to it. No shame in unlearning a bad habit.

    Ride safe!
  7. Thanks for the input guys :)

    It's not something that's gone away after two weeks, though i'm riding every 2nd-3rd day so I may just be further aggrovating it.

    If it continutes to annoy me over christmas I'll go see a doc, in the meantime I'll try and relax up a bit on the bike ;)
  8. Yes I understand that, but I have only problem with my knuckles after some long ride it all went red little bit hurt and the next day is gone.

    Any ideas?
  9. If it has gone on for that long, then you had better change something about it fairly soon.
  10. i had a numbness in my left pinky fingure after being a courier for 8 months of 10 hours a day riding.

    i stopped couriering and it went away.

    ditto for seeing your GP
  11. You're a guy right? You're blaming the bike? Sounds like severe wankers cramp if I'm any judge and I do know stuff after all.

    Seriously, asking for a medical diagnosis from this bunch of armchair experts might be even worse for your health.

    If you need to know which glove goes first (left, incidentally) ask here. If you have some physical problem, see the medical practioner, or cheap quack, of your choice.

    Of course, you could base your treatment on advice here and we could use the outcome as a cautionary tale as to why asking radom strangers for advice is stupid. :)
  12. BTW, what the **** is a PIP knuckle?
  13. Hardly blaming the bike.. more blaming my riding of the bike :p

    And I posted mainly because I was interested to see if this is a common motorcycle related problem that many people have experienced, or if it's something limited to just me. And it seems like it's the latter haha.

    PIP joint = Proximal Interphalangeal Joint, the first joint up from your knuckle (the one that does most of the bending when you grip something). It's the term I found whilst googling and decided to keep using it since it's better than me saying "that side bit up from the other knuckle thingy" ;)
  14. Since i first got on the bike i have had sore middle fingers.
    At first i thought it was from gripping too tightly on the throttle, and sometimes realising im holding the handlebars in general a little firmly... then i realised perhaps its RSI from sticking them up at idiot drivers...

    In any case, they still hurt, but only slightly, certainly not enough to stop or bother me into seeing a dr. I figure its just my body adjusting to the bike. If it still hurts say... end of jan, i might get the dr to xray and see whats up.
  15. Is it a combination of gripping the bars tight and seating position (leaning forward)?

    Yes, it is definitely due to the combination of all these over a prolonged period of time. Yoga would be the best way to reduce stress of these sorts.