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Pinnacle Hybrid TV tuner issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    I have the above tuner stick for my mac.

    Problem that I seem to be experiencing is that the vision, whilst watching a digital feed, pauses for a split second every now and again.

    It's enough to be annoying trying to watch tv. The recorded file is the same.

    Anyone have any ideas what could be the cause of the problem?
  2. Well, If its the recording too, its possibly the CPU or disk getting a timeout from another hoggy app...

    You've probably already tried to close everything down, but it may be a system thing... how much RAM?

    Does Mac have a system monitor to not only monitor the CPU and ram usage, but the HDD usage and paging as well? (Windows eq. of "perfmon.exe") ?
  3. Yep, it's called the "Activity Monitor"
  4. Ahh, cool.

    Well Vic, you should be able to use this, run it along side the TV proggie and monitor when it skips, if the system is experiencing any high loads on either CPU or Hard drive queues (these are the more likely ones, others could effect it too).
  5. My $30 ebay usb stick runs fine on an old AMD 2200+ with 512mb ram so it shouldnt be a resourse issue. I ditched the included antenna though.
    Does anyother software work with the unit Vic? Some sort of built in apple media player?
  6. Thought of that too.

    I have 4GB of Ramm and it was sitting at 75% with close to a gig free.

    The CPU is running at around 50%.

    It did it occasionally when I checked today, I wonder if it has anything to do with a prehistoric antenna cable that I am using. It may have oxidised as it is so old.

    I've been out of the industry for near on 15 years. I know you used to be able to buy Oxygen free video cables, is the same on offer for antenna cables these days?
  7. I would reckon that the problem is with your antenna then.
    I've got to install a new aerial system for this house as at the moment I'm running rabbit ears to the various tv's including the digital box and the computer's digital box as well and you do get that skipping.
    I've also bought a miglia tvmini2 for this laptop but even thought it picks up 24 digital signals it will only store 15 of them and of those 15 only sbs is HD, the rest are the number of channel 7 channels which is annoying because I want it to pick up the HD channels.
  8. I bought an Asus 901 Eeepc and want to run the pinnacle on that netbook.

    Where does one get the winblows software for the tuner??