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VIC Pinlock pins

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Jabba, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. I was after a couple of pinlock pins. If anyone has some from an old helmet/visor etc.

  2. No doubt you'll get plenty of offers, but in case you don't I've got some Shark S700 visors that have pins. I didn't know they were removable though....?
  3. Would those fit a S900 rcheli32rcheli32 if there not removable?
  4. Yep I think the S900 is the same visor.
  5. Hmmmm, Could be good in the winter. Wonder whether the inbuilt sunshade would hit the pins when bringing it down....
  6. Here you go
  7. Hmm, 4 goes :)
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  8. If ebay has free shipping it would work out cheaper than the petrol....
  9. Must be good to be a mod. 4 posts shrunk back to just one. :whistle:

    rcheli32rcheli32 , how much you looking for for the complete visor?
  10. I'm pretty sure most of them are the same. I pinched some from my shoei visor to put in my shark visor.

    you should just be able to push them out the from of the visor with the pinlock removed.

    Thanks, but I was hoping someone had some freebies.

    Only ones I could find on eBay were from the UK
  11. Hi Gooza,

    I don't have new ones only used ones, and I replaced them because I was unhappy about the scratches. You might not be as fussy as me, I'm only keeping them in case of an incident that means I need a backup, but if you want one let me know it may as well be getting some use by somebody.
  12. If they push out easily then no problem, there's no reason I need multiple spares. PM me your location and I can work out whether it's practical to get them to you.
  13. thanks mate
  14. Just in case some don't know, I didn't till shown. These pins are not round, they work like a cam to adjust to get an even seal around the insert.So if like mine you get a gap top or bottom try turning the pin with the insert out so no pressure on the pin and look for even pressure all round the insert.
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  15. Well wouldn't you know it. They are too small! Must be 4mm not 5mm pins. Doh!

    Anyone have any from a Shoei or shark speed r or similar?
  16. I've got Shoei pinlocks - XR1100 lid.

    Yours if you want them.
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  17. Sweet! Thanks dude. Sent you a pm
  18. Bugger!
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  19. Let me know if you need them back mate.
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  20. All good mate - they are still "in the visor" - I've never used them.