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Pinkxie's new ride!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by raven, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Naughty, naughty, John, only 3 (three) images per post, remember????

    Yummy bike though, and great to see it getting ridden properly too.....
  2. nice machine.
  3. HAHA, I knew that was coming as soon as I saw all the pic's! :LOL:

    Raven - 'Tis very yummy, mate. Great pic's! :grin:
  4. =P~ soooo nice!!!

    Great pics - well done!
  5. The bike looks HAAAAWWt =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

    Nice work guys... I bet you're on cloud nine Pinkxie?
  6. Ooh, it's blue! I didn't think the CBR came besides red and black....looks wonderful, congrats pinkxie!
  7. Niiice! :)

    Congrats. http://www.netrider.com.au/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif
  8. Ack!...glad you spotted my Gaf...sorry mate...was hurrying and not paying attention... :oops: :oops:
  9. very nice...looks like the 2 of you are getting along nicely atm......just keep respecting one and other and am sure you will have loving relationship :wink:

    cheers stewy
  10. I actually started off really nervous, but now I'm completely buggered from playing so much :LOL: . But I'm about to get back on in a few mins anyway :grin:

    You mean Gabriel (my bike) and I? :p Yep - just trying to get to know each other at this stage. Although Gabe, communicator archangel, told me he likes to play :LOL: . It's actually an amazingly stable bike - certainly compared to the 250s I rode. The issue is more me learning to trust it and adapt my old skills.
  11. Very nice pinxie, I am most envious. I bet you're missing the old cibbie :p
  12. That 1st shot = winner.
  13. Are you on holidays or are you just very lucky :grin: ....cause in a few mins I'll still be working? :?
  14. :LOL: good one :LOL:
    I did love my old 250, but it'a not a scratch on this baby. Even fogetting about the power... this one's so much more stable, yet still nimble. It is quite a bit taller, so I'm having to be careful with slow speed manouvers, but I'm learning the tricks.

    Yeah - talk about potention target fixation! "Look through him! Look through him!" John really was that close :shock:

    On a Wed I work the afternoon and evening (and I took a long weekend :)). So I was only getting back on to ride to work. Nothing exciting, but still grinned the entire way :grin: :grin:
  15. One can never be too careful when one is turning tricks :shock: :p
  16. Have seen this colour scheme in the metal, and it's -very- nice :grin: Congrats! :woot:
  17. Hey, where are the pink leathers?! You were wearing then yesterday. . so those pictures must be from earlier.

    It was a great day yesterday to do a few laps, wasn't it. Damn shame my rear tyre (and maybe the front) have just about had it. Hard braking got a little bit interesting, so I spent the day practising using my knees, and doing open handed turns. Lovely.

    Nice bike as well. Very clean still yesterday. :grin: