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Pinkxie needs a new name

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pinx, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I need your help, people!
    I only ever named myself Pinkxie until I thought of something decent. It's now a year later and I'm still yet to be inspired. So, any ideas?

    Info that might help:

    * My current nic came from my jacket, which is a pink colored "Trixie" jacket. I still have the same jacket, but don't want pink in my name.
    * I'm picking up my new bike Fri \:D/ which will be a CBR 600RR, colored "candy tahitian blue with pearl white". I'd thought about something alone the lines of RR=pirate.
    * I'm female, not a noob but still plenty to learn, so no master of everything names
    * My number plate will start with a "G", so my bike is thinking of being called Gabriel/Gabe = strength & power, communicator.

    HEEELP! :tantrum:
  2. G-Pink sounds good
  3. G-spot?
  4. Where does "spot" come in to it? At least abvc had some logic :LOL:

    However, strangely enough, I'm thinking more along the lines of something G-rated :p
  5. G-Rider or Gibby :p
  6. I don't think that you need to change anyway.
  7. Rider Formerly Known As


    Just keep this one. Are you blonde? You may hurt yourself trying to remember a new and different login name :p
  8. Gixie?

    LOL it's the afternoon and I'm feeling a bit silly :p
  9. G-banger?
  10. G=RRavy?
  11. I wish I didn't mention the rego! :-# :LOL:
    Hey, if I was a tad quicker I could go "BluRR" :grin:

    Beryl = a good pirate name? :LOL:

    Keep 'em coming. Worth a laugh, if nothing else!
  12. Loz, I suspect that there will be blood on the ground soon.
  13. lol @ Beryl hahaha

    I actually think Cambo and Starlets idea's where pretty good...
    Trust the boys with the p0rn lol :LOL:

    Maybe puRR?
  14. BluRR sounds good to me. I'd use it if it were I.

    How about PURRL, influences of the Pearl White colour of the bike, kitten purring, rhymes with girl, and includes the RR?
  15. Why not just your name? I hear all the real legends use just their name.
  16. Is your bike a birthday present to yourself?