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Pink slip in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by sydrider, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    My registration is coming up and I have to get a pink slip. Am I able to get one off a regular car mechanic or do I have to go to a mechanic who deals especially in bikes?

    Also my right indicator is sort of broken. It's being held together with a rubber band and it works fine but I'm just wondering if that will effect my chances of getting a pink slip?

  2. any mech can do a pink slip.

    get some black electrical tape for your indicator (asumeing you have a black indicator casing)
  3. Any car mechanic will do it.

    Some are idiots though.

    Last time I got it done, the bloke tells me "You front suspendsion is stiff, you need to put some oil in there."

    I responded, "You mean the forks are stiff, and I need to whack some fork oil in? Which I just did a month ago, and it's actually perfectly fine."

    Bloke had no idea, wouldn't give me a pink slip, went around the corner to the next mechanic and i got one :0
  4. aparently my seat belt was faulty on my last pink slip.

    thats how much they know.
  5. There is a couple of thoughts going around. I think they all can do them, but the car places either don't know they can or don't want too. So you may have to go to a bike place.

    If you can find a car place that will do them, then thats better, because I find they don't really look hard at the bike. I go to a Bob Jane. There is a guy there who rides an old Hardley. So he's pretty easy on bikes.

    I'd get the indicator fixed. That type of thing is easily noticed and generally indicates (excuse the pun) the maintenance level of the vehicle.
  6. The normal checklist is, brake lights, indicator lights, high beams work.

    The car mechanics that do it, just normally run through that list.
  7. Yeah.

    It's just that I don't have enough time to go and find a smash repairs with an indicator housing.

    I think I'll do the electrical tape and hope that I get one.

    Thanks heaps you guys!