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Pink Ribbon Ride

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    We need some people to assist with the running of this years event.

    Both Jason & Myself are far too busy to be left with organising this years ride.

    There is a heap of work that needs to be done and we really need some people to become part of the Pink Ribbon Ride committee.

    You will essentially OWN the project, we will need a leader that can delegate work out to others to complete.

    We would like to ensure that the event is a success so we would like a number of people to step up and make it so.

    You will be the face of the ride.

    Reckon you have what it takes? Call me, call me now......

    Actually just email us via the contact us page.

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    We really want someone to take this on, with the assistance of others too.
  3. I am willing to offer some time in assistance, but I have Family and Work Commitments, meaning I can only offer a small amount.

    I hope this wonderful community of generous Riders will help out.
  4. It's ok, we've got it all sorted.

    As a result from all the "yeah mate I can help out" emails that we never got, the event will not be run this year. It will return in 2009 :(
  5. This is a first I have seen this thread. i haven't been involved in the ride before so what sort of work would need to be done as an example?
  6. when is the ride supposed to be run?
  7. isn't an unofficial ride being held this year on October 18th? I'm getting a little confused as to whether it's happening or not.