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Pink Ribbon Pledge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GeorgeO, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. So I thought I had to do something on my post number 2000, could not just let this one slide into oblivion, so here goes.

    Some of you on here might be aware of jonnymacjonnymac 's efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer after his wife was recently diagnosed with this disease. My mother in law passed away last year April after 18 months of fighting and most of us probably know someone who's family has also had to deal with this.

    I'm asking everyone who would like to help in creating awareness to take the Pink Ribbon pledge to help fund research and to provide preventative mammograms to those woman that cannot afford this.

    Taking the Pink Ribbon Pledge does NOT mean you have to contribute money

    All it means is that you pledge to go to the below website every day and to click on the campaign button. The more people pledge, the more the Breast Cancer website will donate to fund research. All applicable details on the website below.

    Pink Ribbon Pledge @ The Breast Cancer Site


    Mods - I had no idea where to put this thread so please move to where applicable.
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  2. Your awesome GeorgeOGeorgeO I've got a man crush. ....O
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  3. Just promise not to squeeze my breasts.......!
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  4. I'm sorry georgie I can't promise that......lol
  5. Sterling job GeorgeOGeorgeO, thank you! Did my "click" for today (y)
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  6. They're a lot smaller than they were 12 months ago......... I remember these things
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  7. You sure you're talking about his breasts, LionzLionz?
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  8. Keep my breasts out of this. Go and squeeze your partner/wife 's regularly .
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