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Pink Ribbon BBQ

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Folks,

    Anyone know a generous butcher that can help us out with some meats and sausages for the PRR BBQ next week.

    I know its short notice but we were asked today to hold the BBQ.

    I guess we'll need some snags, burgers, onions, bread, butter, sauces.....

    Anything else that we might need that you can help out with would be appreciated.


  2. Vic,

    Some more details of this??

    Where, when, time, what is it for, and what do you actually need?

  3. Vic, I'd have to ask around but some butchers who do good deals to special schools may do the same for the PRR but I couldn't say for sure.

    Have you tried asking AFL clubs. They might love their team associated with the event & probably have their own prefered butcher. You could also approach Coles or Wolworths. Their proffit margins are large enough to call feeding that number of riders good advertising.

    Also the Lions Club are pretty good for these sort of things. Excuse my ignorance but are riders being given a free lunch or is it on top of registration. If reg doesn't include lunch then a $2 hamburger from the Lions might be the way to go. Otherwise they may still provide some volunteers.

    Well gang, I have been busy today beating the drum for a very worthy cause, and so far have a crew of 7 work colleagues to help man the BBQ's, together with a corporate dollar donation to go towards the cost of providing lunch. Vic has the details already, but I am quite happy to brag & put out a challenge to any others who are prepared to put a team together for the day.

    Corporate dollars come with an advertising price tag, hence my crew will be in corporate tshirts & hats on the day...lucky me I am riding ... :) (Be nice to them please!!! They are volunteers!!!)

    Lets see if any others can coerce their colleagues/employers for a few hours contribution to a very worthy cause.

    If any other major company/employer/team can put together a crew and come up with a $$$ donation to match/beat mine, I will personally buy a slab of the teams cold beverage of choice for drinkies after the hard work is done.

    Oh, and I'm not telling you how much $$ either, that would spoil the fun.. :)

    Xena (aka Bron)
  5. Come on Netriders... no takers to the challenge???

    A slab of your favourite up for grabs and no takers???

    Come on... you can do it...