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Pink CBR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bryce_k, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. LOL thats funny as.
  2. wtf did she expect...

    anyhoo Spot On motorcycles in Elizabeth St had a pink CBR250RR for sale. It was months ago, but might be worth a check.
  3. cant remember the chicks name but she is from cibbysquad on myspace for any desperato's out there lol
  4. more info?

    lol jks, that's a pissa.... though who'd buy a pink bike? well sides her?
  5. My girlfriend would!! Now i'll be dragged to Spot On to check out this Pink bike...if its still there that is.
    Bit off topic, how much would it cost to re spray a bike and rims pink?
  6. lol love the questions....id hit that....but i wouldnt call her....pink ffs
  7. Paint is cheap.
  8. Im willing to bet that tank is very happy.
  9. So is she.
  10. motorbike traders port melb had one recently, my 2 yo daughter loved it.
  11. im sure the ad got lots of publicity with pics like that ;)
  12. This bike actually exists...

    its owned by a girl on one of the various brissie riding forums
  13. name is rizz
  14. there's a pink one at madbiker in FTG :)
  15. would you feel comfortable riding next to your gf if she's on a pink cbr? :?

    pink + bikes don't go together!!! Bike's aren't suposed to be girly!

    Anywho, each to their own I spose!
  16. Shes hawt and does her own stunt!

    I was laughing from reading the questions she got from so-called potentials, and she answered well too.
  17. You have obviously never seen a nuclear red triumph!