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pining for an old 250....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Guys I don’t expect you to understand. I don’t expect sympathy. I don’t expect a pat on the back and someone saying …’its okay mate’.

    Everyone wants different things in a motorbike. Some want nothing but Latest technology and grunt to get from point A to point B and melt the rear tyre in the process. Some want a classic cruiser look, some want decals painted on the tank, some want big noise from whatever they ride.

    There are 2 bikes that I ADORE the looks of…more than any other bike in history.

    Benelli SEI – (too old now, no parts, no serviceability in Adelaide)

    Honda VT250custom (those twin side pipes are magnificent, Honda dealership and spares around the corner)

    They are rare as hens teeth in Adelaide, but I can currently get one for about $3000.00 now. the only problem is that I cant keep the new M50 at the same time. I technically could, but faced with marriage in 3 weeks…….i just cant… without getting a kick up the azz.

    It will be gutless, much slower than the Hyo GV250, but I still want one.

    What do I do? My M50 is perfect in every way and no logical reason to get rid of it.

    This isn’t logical though.

  2. Any way of convincing the (soon to be) wife it's for her?
  3. Is there a reason why you can't have both? Easy to justify it. You could either try what JD suggested or you could use VC's excuse for owning 2 bikes - the little one is for commuting because it's cheaper and the bigger one is for 'touring' because you can carry stuff.
  4. I want another bike even though my current one is perfectly good in every way. So I understand even though I can't advise.
  5. i would just take the kick up the ass and get the second bike
  6. you may be onto something here.....
  7. I've just sold my lovely old RF900 - now I want a classic CB750 to go with my VFR, and I'm still married! If your wife to be has as much patience as mine does, she'll indulge your indefensible passion!
  8. it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than to beg for permission.

    Buy that second bike
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  9. I am about to plonk down some $$ for bike number 2. I have had 2 before, but happy with just one.

    I have about 10 different pushies. So having 2 bikes is not that bad. It's only a problem if they overlap their purpose too much, 2 of the same thing.

    I have the Mrs's (she even chipped in $200 for it, well it was from her and the kids for fathers day :) ) blessing for number 2 at the moment, but I know it will suck for a bit the day it comes home. Whatever happens it will be worth it.

    I have been married for close to 10 years though.
  10. Just get it , "it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission...."
  11. I understand the issue. Being married, I could only keep one. Well, and the cage which I need. Extra rego etc is too expensive to string into my budget.
    I miss my VN250. Fun bike.
  12. Its a shame you can't get a limited use rego or something like rec-reg or club reg. So for people who have like 3 bikes, 2 cars but only use half of them for a few weekends a year don't have to pay $700 a pop.
  13. You can,in some states.
  14. That's good, sadly we don't get it in Vic. You can for old cars/bikes 25yrs i think it is but otherwise its full or nothing.
  15. Yes, that's correct. BUT. You need to be a member of a club authorised to issue plates. In my case that's the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. Bike has to be at least 25 years old on the date of application, and you can choose a 45 day or 90 day permit. You need to maintain a log book (supplied by Vicroads-eventually!), and enter each trip *before* you ride. No restrictions on destination/purpose. Sounds like a lot, but it's not too onerous, and if it's for a second/third/forth bike, the 90 day option is reasonable. My VF1000R went from $455 to $134 (90 day). Club membership is around $40/year, but that cost could be offset with more bikes :roll: All my bikes qualify, but I want to keep one of them on full rego. Just can't decide which one I want that to be

    Depends on how 'old' the OP was intending to go?

  16. Considering I can only actually use one bike or cage at a time, i'd love to be able to pay a bulk license fee (say, double normal rego) and then be able to list as many vehicles on it as I want.

    Of course, it won't happen because it'd eat into revenue.
  17. well its not a lot of $$$$

    3000.00 bike
    200 insurance
    300 rego

    what is unknown....is Hidden faults, or big ticket items that need attention just around the corner. when people sella bike that is unregistered, but say they will register for the buyer....alarm bells ring.

    i NEED to ride the bike, get it hot, listen for noises that dont sound right, vibrations, over heating, smells, etc etc.

    you cant get that from a quick rev in the garage.
  18. I wish that was my rego price.

  19. My rego price is less than that ($112). It's the CTP (>$300) on top of the rego that gets me.