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Pinhead setting us up again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Once again the popular Rudd voted in by the mindless goons in our community is seeing us signed up for more of our tax dollars to be potentially blown!!

    First the Kyoto BS with Euro tax structures, next this! :roll:


    Sorry words 'give hope for compo'

  2. Michael Mansell has and always will be a complete banana. But that's beside the point...

    In most of the articles that I read today about this issue, the aboriginal people quoted seemed more concerned with receiving compensation than the actual apology. For years its been 'say sorry, all we want is an apology' but now? 'Sorry' wasn't said because of the governments fear of being liable for millions and millions of dollars in Comp claims. Now it's being said so lets just leave it at that.

    I really feel for the people who were genuinely affected by the 'stolen generation' issues, but it's looking more and more like a big cash grab for a lot of aboriginals, the majority who (if compensated) will just piss it away - and before anyone gets on their racism high horse, I've seen it first hand and it's really sad to watch.

    So, I'm a big NO to compensation. Sorry was always what was wanted and never said. Now it will be. That's awesome.

    My 2c.
  3. There should be no compensation, but now Kevin Rudd's said he's sorry he needs to go shake the hand of every member of the stolen generation [properly!] and share his Mamee noodles with them at recess.
  4. Lives destroyed. What tosh. If the Australian Govenrment had the guts to do now what was done then, remove children in moral and social danger fro incompetent and uncaring parents, the future for the Aboriginal people might have some light at the end of the tunnel. As it is "sorry" will be yet another concession made in the never-ending guilt industry fostered by ratbag Aboriginals and misguided white men, and the money which will inevitably be gouged out of all our pockets will only provide more funds for grog, drugs, pornography and silence over the evil of the drunken men in these communities.
  5. As I said Paul, I feel sorry for the people genuinely affected.

    My Nan (God rest her soul) used to live out in the remote areas around Narrabri back in the 40's and 50's. My Grandad was the local Doctor out there so she had some horror stories about the conditions the kids were being brought up in and said that having them removed from the situation was the best thing that could have happened to them.
  6. While people I respect on here have told me in face-to-face discussion on this issue that they know people who this apology will mean a lot to, for the greater community, I don't see it doing much to further the public perception of reconciliation. Why? Because while the majority of Aboriginals may accept it for what it was intended as, the vocal(and hence media attractive) minority will continue to whinge and bleat and cry foul for money. They have spent their entire lives seeing themselves as the downtrodden and ripped off and discriminated against and no apology is going to do anything to change that. So when most of the scandal that government faces is media-generated, I don't see how an apology is going to help much. Even today, despite such an historic occasion as the first opening of Federal Parliament with an Aboriginal welcome ceremony, there was a protest out the front complaining about the NT intervention. They can't even leave it alone for one day even when the Government is doing the hard yards trying to build bridges. These dicks even had a go at the Federation guard that marched past them. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen that are only trying to serve all Australians. There is no satisfying this irrational and unreasoned minority. I only hope that the average, rational, and more thoughtful people with Aboriginal heritage will be able to take something from the apology.
  7. Good Lord. I actually agree with Hornet about something... Stolen generation, whatever. Could somebody steal their current generation? Please? Anybody?
  8. Interesting corollary when you consider that DoCS in NSW was being crucified in the media for not doing exactly this right now. Look at the shitstorm when that poor little girl was starved to death on the North Coast. That case proved that there is STILL a time and a place for children to be forcibly removed from unhealthy environments. I guess the problem of old is that while conditions were historically very bad for all Aboriginals, kids were taken on spec just because white ways were seen as superior to black ways. These days, it is easily argued that not much is changed in regards to the gap in living conditions. But these days, it is unacceptable to remove kids on spec. Instead, governments are expected to sort it out with money which just ain't going to work.
  9. Well well well, how about that, the conservative tabloids have found an aboriginal that wants compensation to justify the fears the liberal leaders have been bashing into their slavering conservative readers.

    What a giant surprise.

    Wake me when a dollar in compo comes out of this.
  10. Stay awake, Loz, it will be sooner rather than later...

    read this and think again


    The Report made 54 recommendations, including opening of records, family tracing and reunion services and the need for reparations’ (including acknowledgement and apology by Governments and institutions concerned, restitution, rehabilitation and compensation).

    The previous Liberal/National Coalition Government increased some funding but has refused to apologise or offer compensation. Australia elected a new Government on 24th November 2007 - it's policy is to make a formal apology to the Stolen generations.

    A Senate committee has investigated the Government’s response to the Report.

    People of the Stolen Generation have started legal actions for compensation against the Government
  11. Dont blame me ..
    I didn't vote the fcuker in !
  12. From today's Crikey newsletter.

  13. That's right. All the papers are totally aligned to one side of politics and wouldn't for a minute consider publishing a sensationalist story that went against their resolute moral honesty. And there is only 1 Aboriginal that wants compo. C'mon. If they think there is a buck for nothing in it, this money-grubbing minority will go for it. Just like the small percentage of workers comp scammers. They're out there and the system must ensure that they don't rip ALL Australians off through frivolous claims that will only be squandered if paid.
  14. ^ Dude can you edit that??? It massive!

    * appear to have been done* :grin:
  15. FCUK! Where is Glenn Milne when you need him.
  16. I'll be interested to hear what Clairebear and Tramp have to say about the legal side of things.
  17. I heard mention on AW today that an Aboriginal man had his 6 week old baby taken from him due to neglect and hes now saying its the stolen generation all over again, so do you think this is going to make the social workers job even harder now if they try to remove kids from camps where they are getting raped and beaten. Damned if you do and damned if you dont. Its a very complicated situation and i wouldnt even try to find a solution on a forum but I believe in my heart that bad things happen to people, all kinds of people, and you cant let it drag you down for the rest of your life. Being angry doesnt heal your heart. White kids were taken from families too, put in homes, beaten , abused, discarded. Didnt Paul Keating say "Sorry " a few years back? I feel the whole thing now is very confusing , are we saying "sorry" to the stolen generation or to all of them in general. My brain hurts. time for coffee. :)
  18. Soon as you say sorry, they'll want money, F that... It was a war the 'europeans' won, are the brits saying sorry to scottland?
  19. Gosh, next you'll all be telling me Andrew Bolt thinks this is a bad idea.
  20. Why would the Brit's say sorry to the Scots? For a start, Britain isn't a country. England is, Scotland is. Wales is a principality.

    The Union of England and Scotland goes back many many centuries. At the time it benefitted lots. The current and past PM's were Scottish. The Scots have their own Parliament and tax raising capabilities (the English don't).

    Sorry about the lesson.