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Pinged for overtaking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. So today I was riding through the park (nasho), there were two cars in front of me. I sat behind them until we entered an 80 zone with broken lines. I proceeded to overtake them and after completing the move, was pulled over for speeding. I was pinged for overtaking doing 93K in an 80K zone. Its annoying as I had opportunity to overtake them earlier albeit illegally, instead I get copped for trying to do 'the right thing'. Do many get pinged for overtaking (multiple vehicles) or is it just me.

    I should add the offence was reduced, however I still think its a bit harsh.

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  2. To take a quote from The Matrix : "Welcome to the real world".

    Unfortunately revenue raising seems to be the order of the day.
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  3. Same here in Victoria through the Black Spur 80k/h with single solid white lines all the way except one short section of broken white lines in the middle. That's where they sit camouflaged in the the trees picking up riders speeding whilst overtaking, they radio ahead where you then get pulled over.

    They even acknowledge it was a safe manoeuvre but it's still a traffic offence. I'm surprised at the number who get caught as been publicised a number of times.
  4. Cockroaches are a different breed.
  5. Speeding is speeding! No excuses. Wouldn't matter if u crossed a solid line to avoid hitting a kitten...it's still 'illegal'
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  6. Really, thanks for telling us!
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  7. Yeah that sucks Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges, their notorious for hanging around the straights between Garie Beach and Bundeena, waiting to pounce on any motorist who dares overtake the tourists going 15-20km under the limit. Lesson learnt I suspect.
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  8. Well, apparently not everyone knows...hence the thread!
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  9. And of course the cars would have been dawdling 15ks under the limit when its an unbroken centre line. Then when it opens up and there'a an overtaking opportunity, all of a sudden they are right up on the speed limit.
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  10. AI it turns out i didn't get the memo on that one as somewhere along the line they changed the rule on overtaking in NSW.
  11. yup, that's life... especially in the Nasho and Mac Pass..

    which rule? that you have to stay under speed limit?
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    The UK advanced riders have a few youtube videos on overtaking. They have to do it legally as part of their advanced tests. I worked out a while ago the only way I would get done for big speed was overtaking and I've been working on keeping it legal for a while.

    Maybe a bit twee

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  13. Two observations about those British videos:
    They don't seem to use double and unbroken lines as much as Australians
    British drivers don't seem to tailgate as much as Australians so there is more space to overtake one car at a time.
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  14. Im pretty sure that back in the day you were allowed to overtake at a reasonable speed and Im sure there was an offence along the lines of 'overtaking at excessive speed' to cop those who thought a reasonable overtaking speed was 160k.

    Can't complaint too much I suppose, got away with a lot on the Sprint.
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  15. less tolerance in bike/car "spirited ride" areas these days I suppose

    problem for the cops is.. how to tell the difference between dude only overtaking at 20+ over.. and dude continuing to gun it for the whole run through the park?
    unfortunately they can't see your intentions :( and hard to fine "stoopid" drivers for doing 30 around the corners
  16. Pretty sure obstructing traffic is a fineable offense, if the officer can be bothered.
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  17. You'd have to be as old or older than I am to remember those days. As a kid, I remember standing up in the back of the car between my parents and urging them to go faster than the 100mph we were doing. Unfortunately the car was close to maximum speed. Seat belts, even if fitted to the car, weren't compulsory either. Until about 1970 there was no set open road speed limit outside the cities but cops were given discretion to book you if they though you were driving too fast for the conditions. Once they set an open road speed limit, that became the maximum speed you are allowed to travel.

    For most of the 70's, speed measuring radar was not that common with Australian cops so they would use devices like trafficorders (rubber hoses across the road that started and stopped a clock) or manually timing you between two known points. Exceed the speed limit while overtaking and there was virtually no chance a cop would really know how fast you were going and as long as it didn't look dangerous, you'd be very unlikely to get pulled over.
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  18. You could have killed somebody, Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges

    I'd recommend a life sentence w/out chance of parole.

    They need to keep us all safe from maniacs like you...
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  19. Yeah, my Triumph America is really a cunningly disguised zx10!
  20. Not exactly a recent rule change as it has been that way since at least the mid 80s. I recall being booked for speeding in NSW while overtaking in about 1986.
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