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Pimping your ride...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. So as i sit here with a glass of red ( ok a few glasses of red) im busy thrashing around in PSP trying to design a little something that will make my wittle 250 cruiser stand out in a crowd...Just a little something to personalize my bike:demon:

    She isnt my keeper bike ( have lots of plans for my keeper bike) so im not spending a heap of money on her, just going to design something cute for the tank and i got to wondering ...
    has anyone here designed their own decals / tank art?

    Or have you pimped your ride up a little visually?

    if you have id be keen to see your efforts ... I will post a photo of mine once im done ;)
  2. Did you go to the bendigo Expo Sars? I remember seeing some awesome painted bikes but cannot remember who did them.

    Try talking to Harley owners or look at their forums for ideas/people that may help.

    Good luck with it.


  3. Yeah i went to the expo Cam, i didnt think it was much chop tho...I expected to see more bikes on display,perhaps i incorrected thought it would be more like a bike show...

    A new shop has opened up in Kanga flat called " Raw Customs" has a hand full of bikes out the front with the custom airgun jobbies...some look really cool.

    Im not doing anything like that for this bike tho lol that would cost half as much as my bike did... Im just going to get a few stickers made up for my tank as i cant seem to find any in the bike shops that dont have either semi naked women on them or half eaten out skulls ahhh the individuality is astounding.

    My tank has some flat spots in the paint work on the tank either side where the previous rider rested his knees, you can hardly see it but it irritates me so i want it covered :p

    My next bike, the keeper machine...ah that would be nice to have a custom paint job on that one....
  4. You can get some really cool tank pads, around $35, they jazz a bike up a little.
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  5. They are pretty Phizog i bet they look real sweet on your bike too...(y)
  6. my bike is MAJORLY pimped so don't look at it lol.

    But my boyfriend's ride, well we did a FEW things to that to make it look cooler. On his old CB1300 he had aftermarket cans, billet alluminium chain cover, and billet alluminium brake fuild cover. And got his rims polished (ooh that sounds dirty!) Just a couple of things here & there.

    for his new VFR, we've stuck a cool tank pad on there & i'll probably get him the brake fluid cover too. not over the top, just enough to stand out.
  7. Hey that's a good idea, do what Edge did and buy a bike before you are off your restrictions to do up. The little devil bike is a ripper!
  8. Here's mine...


    Added steering damper, fork brace, braided line, switches, changed gauges, top triple clamp, headlight brackets, clipons, rearsets, fender cut/shut/welded, indicators, brake light, rear shocks and changed front springs, seat, aluminium swingarm, K&N's, ignition hidden away... and a few other things I can't think off the top of my head. The engine has been ported, Keihin FCR, bored, new cam K&N's etc.

    Four or five years since getting it now, I've decided I almost prefer it stock. Ah well...
  9. Aww u cant say that and then NOT post pics??? come on wheres your ride? id love to see pics....

    I hate the black crapola brake oil thingymobob on my bike, but not spending money on things like that as i wont get it back when i sell her later on...

    Matti san- theres NO WAY i could trust myself not to ride it :rofl:
  10. QW... just about everything you typed was Greek to me lol but your bike looks flash....
    Love the white, i think white looks very classy on a bike....leaning heavily towards white for my next bike...
    Looks skinny too..what sort of bike is it ?
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    Matti - thanks mate, i still love that bike.

    well, I had mine in parts almost the full 12 months - made it EASY to not ride it! just did it up a bit at a time as I could afford it.

    well you asked for it!
    the short version is compiled in this youtube video showing what it looked like when i bought it, and how it looks now (though i've since added a bigger rear sprocket, gold chain, and aftermarket handlebars)


    The long version is in this netrider thread - everyone here basicly helped out!


    if you scroll to the last page you can see my renthals though
  12. Thats one very flash looking ride Edge....Im inlove with the colour!

    I love all the little Hornet cut outs u have too....lots of attention to detail , nice work =D>
  13. thanks, i'm pretty proud of my bike!

  14. very nice mate. i have lots of ideas for my SV and I know im going to get to the stage where ive spent more on mods than i paid for the bike. (not hard)
  15. Don't know how much more pimping I can do to SID but I'm very happy with the way he looks now ... Not your average GS500 :dance:

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  16. G'day everyone,...

    Nothing to see here,...
    Move on!,...
    Move on!,...








    As I said,..
    Nothing to see here,....

    Dr Who?
  17. Imagine if you dropped it, even just off the stand...
  18. My thoughts entirely. With a paint job like that I'd have a bike cover that was like a massive zip lock bag just in case anything made it's way into the vacuum sealed garage. Ridiculously awesome though (y).
  19. The only thing you need:


    :rofl: It gives me SO MUCH MORE POWER than a regular F4i :rofl: