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Pimped R1

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Got my R1 dynoed, powercommandered, shorty levers and piped with Arkras.

    Over all 7 Hp gain through the whole curve!, but the best bit. All the power dips from the factory have been turned upsidedown!! :grin:

    Difference in ride, massive. Take off is powerful, no lag and very noticable in acclerating cleanly up to ~100+ :cool:



  2. That's a nice bike.
    The best looking ones are usually black!
  3. Where did you get the work done?
  4. You sure its only 7hp? I'd have to re-check but thats sounds to me
    like its on the low side. Thinking it shouldve been more in the 10-15
    range. :?

    You have full aftermarket system or slip on's?

    Exhaust looks nice. :cool:
  5. 7hp over the range - he's not talking about the gain at max power :)
  6. OIC. Cheers for clearing that up.

    Whats next on the agenda? 767.
  7. Pazzo levers rock.

    I've never had the shortys, what are they like?
  8. The exhaust is the slip on's, not the full race kit. But amazingly drop about 6lbs in weight! The great thing about the power commander is the shift of the power and torque curve earlier on the throttle. It now punches out some serious grunt.

    When dynoed, the choice was set it up for road or track. I chose road to get the low end power. The penalty is dropping the top speed from 308 kph (orignally measured) to about 280kph.

    The shorty levers are f-ing great :grin: They really allow for absolute finnese of control in rolling on the clutch, and are about half the work of the stock ones. Result, warp speed off the lights!

    If you can get them for your bike highly recommend them!

    Have to make it to a coffee night soon! :grin:
  9. I was looking at a set of pazzo's shorty like these for my R6, do you use all 4 fingers when using the brake?

    Buy the way, bike looks killer man, well done!
  10. Cheers.

    I only use one / two fingers to brake (given that the 12 pistons bite pretty hard). The angle that they make gives you a shiite load of finnese on both brake and clutch!

  11. Another +1 for pazzo shorties. I REALLY like them. I use 1-2 fingers and they pull up the 675 nice and cleanly (easily ;) )

    Some pics of my ones at here :)
  12. Nice bike. Would definately be a weapon now if it wasnt before. lol
    +1 for the pazzo shorties tho i havent ridden with mine yet (get bike back friday). Im just going on the reps ive heard IE not one negative comment. :grin:
  13. nice r1

    that is one nice ride ;)
  14. I got all excited thinking PP was back when I saw this thread :?
    Nothing like performing CPR on an old thread started by someone who doesn't post any more :LOL: :LOL:
  15. lol good one :p

    was going to say "hey he joined on my birthday :) " but if he's not around anymore I wont bother. :p