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Pimp My Ride Channel 10 now... OMG!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Only in America :roll: Anyone else watching/watched it before??? I can't believe that guy was actually able to drive that poor little car :shock:

  2. Yeah ive seen it a few times... Pretty amazing what you can do when some loaded rap star pimps your bomb :shock:

    Some of them are just damn ugly, but some are pretty cool with all the mods and gadgets!!!
  3. They put 4 TV screens in the bumpers?? on the outside of the car? What on earth.
  4. Would you really want to put the effort they did into that car after how he had it after all...it only was a 2 year old car...it’s going to be smashed real quick...
  5. I much prefer 'overhaulin' much more realistic in what they do to the cages,as they get friends and family in to explain what the owner is like and what dreams they did have for there cars.
    No crap that is just wasted space ie: tv's in bumpers as in 'pimp my ride' :LOL:
  6. Gives you something to kick in if he cuts you off :cool: