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Pimp my Bike!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by LGMLab, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Guys and Goils,

    I'm after a place that can provide excellent aftermarket modifications to my bike. I'd like to Gold Chrome my rims and have my bike resprayed (if the price is right Larry), and was wondering if there may be a one stop shop that provides everything a bike modder could ever want.

    Ideally this shop would also be able to provide fabrication of things like Passenger Seat cowels and indicators etc.. I know I'm hoping for too much, but would really love it if there were such a thing.

    Thank you my faithful steeds.
  2. What inner city are you located??
  3. u should realy shop around find a few places that do powder coats get a few prices on gold chroming ur wheels.

    u will save alot of money if u strip the bike down urself and just give people bare parts to refinish
  4. I'm located in the Docklands, Melbourne.

    Sorry for sounding lame mate, but i live in an apartment so stripping down is out of the question.
  5. one stop shop

    I very much doubt you'll find one place that will have your every need... or everything that you want.
    Have a look at the Netrider partners i know we have a few in there such as austreetfighter and powerbronze. They also offer discounts for netrider members so even better :grin:
    I have spoken to Clive at Powerbronze and he was great to deal with but they only have cosmetic accesories and not mechanical ones.
    Austreetfighter have a good range of bars, yokes, lights.
    Check them all out and get yourself the best deal.
    Also don't ignore ebay there are some great deals on there, and some uk/us sites that can import.
    happy hunting :twisted:
  6. You might find this site of some interest. I don't know if you are located close to their premises or not, but from what I understand, they do all kinds of plating, polishing, chroming and powder coating etc and they offer a break down service. IE, Just give em your bike and they'll remove tyres, bearings etc from rims before polishing etc, and then re-assmeble for you.

    Most places require that you perform this yourself. Don't know what their prices are like, could charge like a wounded bull for all I know, but I've read some great feedback about them on other sites.


    Might be worth checking out.
  7. The best shop of all. Google. Just keep searching till you find everything you need.
    People who own bike shops and related bussiness take note. If your not on the net, i wont find you.
  8. electro mould site looks great i might even get my rims done
  9. Hello,

    Speer Performance would be more than happy to take on such a project. We have an association with a pro panel shop that do great work, and the wheel plating would be no problem either.

    Basically we're happy to work with you to achieve what ever mods you're dreaming of doing on your bike.

    Feel free to drop in some time, have a chat and a latte. :grin:

    Contact Sam@

    Speer Performance
    116 Cubitt St.
    Richmond, Vic. 3121.
    9428 6688
    0410 752 034
  10. Just out of interest, what would it roughly cost to black chrome a set of bike rims?
  11. Im not sure of gold chroming, but i got a heap of car engine parts chromed at brunswick metal polishers and they did a great job for a real good price.
  12. This is where I'll be going for that.


    For mods/accs, I have heaps of sites but the following (2) links are the
    ones I have bought most from:


    & have bought alot on ebay from Steve:


    Its easier (& usually cheaper) to buy online; & if you cant add em to
    bike, take em to a shop & pay labour costs to have em all put on. :wink: