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Pimp gets butt kicked by karate master

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Man, that's a wicked first punch, floors the pimp and he doesn't move for a while
  2. haha.. pimp deserved that..

    i thought the karate instructor would have played with him a bit before knocking him out..
  3. Craparama! Bet the hooker loved that!
  4. i wanna learn how to do that!
  5. haha.. yes i have..
    but more likely that pimp's first move would be to thrown a punch to his face.. :D
  6. That wasn't self defence. The pimp hadn't made any sort of move to hit the karate guy, hadn't lifted a finger.

    A pre-emptive strike, but hell that's still assault and battery.
  7. Isn't assault classed as the being in fear that something is about to happen and battery is the actual hitting? Therefore could argue that karate guy was in fear of being hit and therefore acted in self defence and was not pre-emptive.
  8. :-k UUuuummm....That's why (apart from general fitness and some mental benefits) Both my little girls have done Tae Kwon Do since they were 6...No boyfriend/attacker will mess with them!!! :twisted:

    No reason why a female could not do the same thing as that bloke....

  9. hahahaha can you say... pimp slapped. Funny shit there.
  10. After watching that whole vid a few times over, and how the pimp was behaving, the instructor was well within his rights to act in self defence, he was standing flat footed in a NON agressive pose. The pimp on the otherhand was aproaching in a defined threatening manor and was giving all indications that he was going to use agressive force.

    The instructor went by the 'book' and used a section called 'force continueum' which basicaly means he didn't use any more force than was threatened or used against him. "he used ONE 'forearm jolt' not a closed fist as it looks like, and then backed off. A damn good jolt though :)

    Try being a 'licenced' nightclub bouncer controling 400 odd drunks at night. you not only have to know the law inside out but also how to defend yourself from said drunks and thier friends :?