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Pilot Road2 Rear & 2ct Front

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Farab, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Is anyone here running this combo? I'm thinking of going this way for my next set. Thought a stickier 2ct front with a longer lasting Road 2 rear would be a good combo. It seems to be the same profile 2ctfront = 2Road front, so can't see any issues. The local tyre guys reckon there are guys running their bikes like this...Will the front still disperse water adequately for the rear? Good/sound idea?

  2. I was going to run this combo but the bike dealer (Glenn Middlemiss, former ARCC champ) said that the PR2 front's dual compound offered similar grip so I went for that option. Saved me a few bux.

    This is on a Blackbird. So far it's been OK. Didn't have any issues on a wet ride from Beechworth down through Healesville, the Spur, etc. a few months back.
  3. I had the same thoughts and logically you'd think a soft front eg PP (where you really need the grip) and a medium rear like the PR2 - would work well. I tried this, PP front, PR2 rear - and didn't much like it, I dont know whether it was the potentially clashing profile or what.. Going to try a set of PR2s front and back and will see how that goes.
  4. I just got off the phone with the importers (motorcyclists themselves). Although there's nothing particularly bad about running a pair like this, they reckon its really not necessary or a particularly advantageous (not going to gain that much) idea to go the 2ct in front if I'm going with a Road2 on the rear. After giving him a rundown of the Z6's I'm replacing and what I do (commuting, 1up twisty blasts, 2up day trips), he reckons I should go with a matched Road2 set, plenty of grip/stickiness on both front and rear sides.

    He didn't seem to like the idea of the 2ct with a Road2, but rather a Pilot Power in front - between a 2ct and a Road2, if I were to "mismatch". Also from reading between the lines, the rear will outlast the front with the combo I was suggesting.
  5. Yeah, PR2s just last and last and last. Only got 5k from my last PP
  6. I had 2ct's front and rear and the front wore out at about the same rate (a bit faster actually) as the rear so no I would not bother sticking a harder rear on. The 2ct front is fairly soft rubber.
  7. How did you find them, what are you running now?
  8. 5000km?! So much for the 'phizog factor'! :LOL:

    On the Tiger I got ~11,000km out of the Pilot Road 1 rear, and ~13-14,000km out of the PR2 rear. PR1 front was 13000-14000 and the PR2 front is still going strong at 16,000 with tread to spare.
  9. I liked them, good turn in, lots of grip when warm (you need to ride a bit aggressively to keep temps up, that is my excuse anyway). They let go fast if you push them too hard so you have to be onto it quickly but they don't go ape-shit. I am currently running D209RRs. Faster turn in, more grip more feed back less warm-up time and let go slower but the life expectancy of a snowflake in hell.
  10. 2CT has a pointier profile compared PR2. On the 9R this meant that the steering slowed down since the front was raised. I had to "manage" that combo and when the rear finally squared off the bike wasn't fun at all.

    I changed the tyres and went with PR2's front and rear and the bike sprang back to life, easily adjusting lines mid corner, the whole works. PR2's front and rear work best.

    If you had to have a stickier tyre in the set, the front is where you'd want it though.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I went for a matched set of PR2's front and back. I like the feel so far, enjoyed the ride in to work this morning. One thing that is quite noticable early on, is the steering feels much lighter compared to the Z6. Even wheeling the bike out for startup this morning, I could feel a significant difference. This jogged my memory to when I rode out of the tire shop when I had the Z6's put on a few months ago - I noted that steering felt noticably heavier than the stock BT56's before that.
  12. Tyre wear and life depends on the bike and the riding you do and your capabilities. I have PR2's at each end with 2mm chicken strips and I'm very happy with the grip they offer. The rear has done over 8,000km and still looks pretty new the front has done 6000km and looks new still. Cant comment on them under 160HP but they work for me.
  13. I've put PR2's F&R on mine. Have had PR2's for the last 50,000kms+, and have found them to be a great compromise between instant grip, wet and cold weather riding and a little bit of track time.

    I have a slightly use pair of Rossi Replica Dunlop Qualifiers for sale - $820.
  14. That wouldn't be the value of the bike's damage repair bill by any chance?
  15. Perrrrrhaps ;)

    Fitted with PR2's F&R yesterday. In the rain with mould release they stick better than those fscking dunflops