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Pilot Road Tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Just decided to replace my tyres on the Blackbird after 10,500k's, decided to go with the Pilot Road set.
    Pick-up the bike and can't belive the difference these tyres make, can tip the bike in real easy now.

    Has anyone found the same thing or is it just my imagination?
  2. I know exactly what you mean. I noticed it from the very first corner. couple a second guesses at corners and then I was love.
  3. I presume you mean the Michelin Pilot Powers? I have had these on both my 900ss and the 600f4i (just replaced with track only supercorsa's) and have nothing but praise for them. The turn-in and directional change characteristics are great, even when worn.
  4. They are actually called "Pilot Roads" I think the Pilot Power are another type of tyre.

    Pilot Roads

    On this page you will see the Pilot Powers are a completely different tread pattern.
  5. There are actualy a few in the Michelen Pilot range

    Pilot Road
    Pilot Sport
    Pilot Power
    Pilot Power 2CT
  6. I Loooove those Pilot "roads", they last for yonks, even if you do a lot of commuting, the centre area is a harder compound than the outer 2 thirds.

    They are absolutely brilliant in the wet as well.

    The dealer recommended not too much track work, tho, as it's not what they were designed for, if you do a bit of track work, the pilot powers are better, but don't last long on the road.

    No problem on the Cornering and braking course last weekend tho, stuck like shyte to a doonah, and very confidence inspiring.

  7. If you think that the roads are good next time pick up a set of metzler m3 and then you will really feel the differance :grin:
  8. and there is also pilot power hdx which i just fited to the 12.
  9. I'll second that, but the M3's are more the equivalent of the Pilot Powers than the Roads.
  10. Yes they are more like the powers but you will get more ks out of the metzlers :grin:
  11. Can you get more km's out of the 2CT's than the standard pilot powers?
  12. Could it just be the new tyres? I was using Pilot Powers exclusively, and everytime I got a new set, it was like "wow, what difference!". I was always waiting until they were down to near the indicators and somewhat squared off.