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"Pilot Road" tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Duffman, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. search is not working at all for me, so here goes...

    The rear tyre of the Hyo has developed a couple of cracks accross the thread. They are not overly deap, but still concerning. So anyway, it could be the enticing i need to get some new rubber as the OE ones are average at best.

    I'm wondering if i really need something like the Pilto Powers because lets face it the vast majority of my riding is commuting. But i would still like to be able to have a bit of fun on teh weekends. So i was considering the Pilot Road's. Anyone know about these?

    I am totally open to other suggestions. Some on another forum have suggested a dual compound tyre and that does make a lot of sence but i dont know anything about them. What are they? are they worth it? and how do they compare with the Powers/Roads?
  2. Then get pilot Road instead.

    The powers are very soft in the middle and wear quickly.

    Or is that due to my inability to lean the bike?? :LOL:
  3. I didn't like the pilot roads when I had them on, but YMMV. I'm sure they're a reasonable tyre.

    Powers wouldn't wear too fast on a 250, you might as well get those. I think the new powers are dual compound, softer on the edges... Don't quote me on that though.
  4. What didn't you like about them, Loz?
  5. I didn't like the way they steered on the Hornet, it just felt uncertain even compared to the knackered BT020s I had previously. It was ages ago, I can't remember much more than that.
  6. I got a nice combination of pilot powers on front and pilot roads on the back. The rears have so far lasted 10,000 kms without any "issues".

    I can ride quite aggressively at times and yet with all the v-twin grunt the tyres have never "left" me. :cool:

    I'd say if your considering track days then pilot roads may be a problem, unless your a "top gun" on the road like Vic.

    Yes Vic, I reckon that must be it...... :LOL:
  7. Yep I'm with Vic. Pilot powers wear pretty quick in the middle of the rear.

    Although I'm looking right to get 6'000 kms outta this rear (might be a lot less if I finally get on the track). :wink:

    Might try this combo next time a change the rear.

    Loz you are 100 % correct the Pilot powers are dual compound now. The middle is of a harder compound than the sides. Grip level is fantastic all over.
  8. I thought you rode like that all the time :LOL: or atleast it looks like that the few times i watched you disapear into the horizon :( :LOL:
  9. haha, yeah it took me a long time to get rid of the chicken strips on my original equipment "Shinko" tyres. They are not what i'd call confidence inspiring! Mind you they do last about 30,000km aparently!
  10. haha, yeah it took me a long time to get rid of the chicken strips on my original equipment "Shinko" tyres. They are not what i'd call confidence inspiring! Mind you they do last about 30,000km aparently!
  11. That's just me trying to keep away from all the honda rider's... :LOL: :cool:
  12. Bridgestones BT014's are a fantastic tyre that would suit your needs, but not sure how wide your rear is (minimum 160 in these).

    Bridgestone BT-92's are a dual compound tyre that would also suit you, and these do come in smaller sizes. The middle is a harder compound than the edges, so it wears more evenly if you do a lot of commuting/highway km's. The side grip is more than you will ever need for the road on your bike. These tyres are also fantastic in the wet, more so than ultra-sticky hoops. You'll get good milage out of these.

    I have been pleased with the all round performance of the latter for a road tyre, I even did my first track day on a set of these a few years ago and they certainly had more potential than I did!
  13. I have pilot roads on my bike, the rear has done around 10,000k and has a few thousand left on it. The front has done around 15,000 and I think I will need to get a new one soon. It seems to be going off rather than wearing low. The front was on the bike when I bought it in December 05 and the rear I put on about January. They are good tyres in the warmer weather in the twisties, but I wouldnt like to push them too hard in the colder months. I realy like "twinpilots" idea of the power on the front and road on the rear.
  14. Depending on sizing, Pilot Roads are a great tyre. I've had a ZXR750 cranked over onto the footpegs with 1 and 2 people on the road on these and they never gave a hint of a slide. I've had them on the track and it took more than 6 laps to melt them enough to get even a little powerslide.
    I have Pilot Powers on my sportsbike now, and I've had 8000km already and looks like about 2/3 the way through the life of them. Thats on a 220kg 150hp machine.
    But size might be an issue. What size does your Hyo take?
  15. stoopid double posts :oops:
  16. I like pilot roads. if you arent a boy racer, then you are unlikely to use sport tyres properly nor get them to proper operating temp, especially on the front. They are good in the wet and dry. They dont turn in very quickly, which can be an issue, but they also dont wear flat spots as quickly either. I have them on my sv650 and i think they are great. Ive also heard some reasonably good reports of shinkos. anyone tried them?
  17. Hi all,
    I have a set of Pilots on the CBR919,
    Have a Road on the back, Sport on the front,
    have clocked 12,000kms since fitting the pair,
    the sport is nearly to the tread wear indicators,
    16 inch front apparantly wears fast,
    will be replaced by a 17 inch rim and another Pilot,
    Road on the rear is about 50 - 60 % worn,
    both have been good handling tyres,
    the road rear does spin a bit in the wet when cold,
    might be less of a problem now it has a better tune, smoother responce.
    They handle nicely 2 up. which is the main concern.

    The pilots leave the pair of D208's that where on it for dead.
    The D208's never felt comfortable, slippery when cold and chewed up and moved around a lot when they did get up to temperature, not a fan of the old rear wheel steering, esp on a narrow mountain road.

  18. I have run pilot roads a few times and never had a problem with them.Had them on when lugging a lot of crap, with heaps of weight on the rear when touring as well.Always got at least 10000KM out of them and up to 15k once or twice.
    May have been psychological :tantrum: but Bandit always seemed to handle better when I ran them on front AND rear.As someone else said,never ever had them even hint at slipping.Recommend them as a top touring tyre. :grin:
  19. They would be the new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  20. Just replaced the tyres on the cat and had pilot roads fitted.
    Love em!!

    They are a road tyre, not a track tyyre, with that in mind, they are brilliant.

    Wet weather grip is exceptional, IMHO, for my riding, the Pilot Roads are far far superior to the Dunlops I had on before.