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Pilot Powers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Folks, I run Pilot Powers on the K.

    Now my rear tyre has developed an allergy to the air inside it and let it all escape.

    I tried looking for the cause but failed to find it.

    whilst looking for the obvious, I noticed that the tyre is only mm from the wear indicators so repairing it is pretty pointless.

    Now I don't have any chicken strips on my tyres but my "fun rides" are few and far between. The majority of my tyres life is spent upright commuting to work (55km of boring fwy)

    Question is, what tyre is comparable to the PP's but has a hard centre? I've heard mixed reviews on the PP 2CT's.


  2. I was disappointed with the 2CT I had on the back last time. Wear, for a tyre that boasts about wear, wasn't as good as some non-dual compound tyres that I've run before.

    Pirelli make a DC tyre but I can't remember what it's called. Diablo Strada????
  3. Was chatting to Cam about the PR2s. The VFR has a set that have seen about 8,000km of mixed use and they have been brilliant. I would say less than half worn, and only the slightest hint of flattening off. I am careful to give them a a good work out in the twisties, and any straight road trips I take the K100RS instead since tyres are cheaper and it has NO sporting pretensions. If anything they are more worn on the sides than the middle. However, if I still own the VFR when it comes to replacement I won't hesitate to put PR2s back on. It has much less power than your K, but is no lightweight and I am not a small person so they don't have the easiest life.
  4. Have recently fitted Pilot Roads front and back and am more than happy with then thus far.
    When it comes to new hoops, it seems like you're jumping into the great unknown.
    Do you stick with the old or try something new?which may be a crap decision?

    Over to you Malarky,

  5. Bridgestone BT-021 is a dual-compound, but I know lots of people don't like Bridgestones.
  6. G'day,
    Try "Bridgestone BT-016" is a tri/dual-compound or the slightly less sporty but still very grippy "Michelin pilot road 2"
  7. I run Continental RoadAttacks on the bandit; one 5000 k trip to queensland (about 4000 kays straight) and 5000 kays commuting, and its only now about to hit the wear limits. No chicken strips either, sticks like shit to a blanket.
  8. Dunlop Roadsmarts will take anything you can dish out.Also noticed bmw usa have them fitted to all R1200 police bikes.I have had 5 sets of these babys Great for twisties,wet roads and commuttingplus they dont have the traditional dunlop squirm there solid as.
  9. Thanks guys,

    I think I might try the Contis, they come OEM with some models
    My front has a fair bit of life left in it so will keep that and run different tyres
  10. +1 for PR2s - were newish on the bike when I bought it 10,000km ago and still going strong - mostly long freeway commuting and the centre has held up brilliantly.
  11. No not conti's:soapbox:

    Conti's were shitful imo go get some Pirelli diablo strada's Vic. Not a bad price and wear very well. good in the fun stuff aswell hard in the centre and corsers on the edges
  12. I have pilot road 2's on my zzr, after 13000km's, they still have plenty of life left in them.
    The tread depth measured at the centre has gone from 6.4mm new to 4.2mm at the moment.
  13. The contis ??? you wont be happy there shit
  14. I sell lots of Conti's and the feedback is very good from the guys who I've sold them to. I think the Conti Road Attacks would be the way for you to go Vic. Your BM needs a 'C' fitment rear tyre same as the Honda Blackbird. So be carefull when selecting a rear tyre that it comes with the 'C' marking on it.

    Theres some good pictures on my blog of Conti Road Attacks and Sport Attacks that have done everything from commute to track days. Click the link for piccy's


    PS: I also sell lots of Michelins too.
  15. emmuch for a 190/50/17 2CT?

    emmuch for the Road/sport attacks?

    I need a tyre with a hard centre and sticky sides.
  16. Hey Vic,

    You know tyre opinions are like arseholes but I usewd to run Road II's on th Bird and was very happy with them...a mate of mine just get some Roadsmarts and he rates them pretty highly too

    Flip the coin mate!
  17. $370 for a rear PP 2CT
    $300 for the Strada.
  18. Has your got the 5.50 rim or the 6.00 it will be stamped on one of the spokes
  19. No idea Pete, it's the sports wheel that takes a 190 rear not the 180 rear
  20. 190/50/17 cost the following:

    Michelin Power $311
    Michelin Road2 $309
    Conti Sport Attack $319
    Conti Road Attack $309
    Brigestone 016 $374
    Bridgestone 015 $338
    Pirelli Supercorsa $377
    Pirelli Diablo Rosso $329

    Plus $17.50 to fit an balance.