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Pilot Powers -I'm in love

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Roarin, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. After chewing through a 208 Dunlop in about 6 weeks I finally got a Pilot Power on the rear to match the front. After a quick 400 odd km blast all I can say is "wicked". Where the 208 turned into 4mm balls of rubber shredding off the whole tyre the power just gets a sandpaper look to it & thats it :D Trail braking into tight turns gets just a slight gentle slide happening where the 208 & pilot sport used to step out a bit at times. Was drizzling a little bit around lavers hill & caught up to a mid 90's Celica being pedalled in the manner it was intended -drifts through the corners etc. etc :D Sneaked past down a short straight & pulled away easy as with no real effort, no slips or slides except for a bit of a spin up as I crossed the white line hard on the gas :LOL:
    By the way -watch out for the 2 solo coppers on bikes around the Apollo Bay area :shock: And no I didn't contribute to the revenue raisers thankyou very much :D :D According to all accounts the powers wear better than the sports & if this is the case I will be a very happy chappy indeed :D Try them, you'll like them.

  2. they held firm for me today on my initial weekend outing. Been gripping getting around the city the last few days as well. But I have noticed that at crawling speeds to can feel the deeper and wider tread, giving a kind of bumping along on a tractor feel......but twist the wrist a litttle and there are no tractor sensations. :D
  3. I rode PI on monday and after sliding badly on my Macadam sport touring tyres for the first two sessions I had a set of Powers fitted on track. Well fcuk me!!! Fixed all my handling probs and dropped my lap times by 4 seconds!! These things rock!!!!! :D

  4. How much do these pilots retail for roughly?
  5. Depends on tyre size but for my bike which is a VTR1000 it was about $490 for a set.


    P.S. This was track price. You could get cheaper by shopping around and using your Netrider discount..
  6. You're all gonna hate me then as I think Powers are the worst tyre I've ridden ever! Absolutely no feedback and the things gave zero notice before spinning up mid corner. Biggest waste of $400 to date. Going to go to the Bridgy 012s on the next set after these Dunlops wear out. Maybe I just had a bad set or something.
  7. pilot powers have nothing on Pirelli Super Corsas... no match!
  8. You would ride Super Corsas on the road? Track sure...but road???

    What's wrong with Diablo Corsa's???

    Pilots versus Diablo's...one of the net's great debates.....

  9. whats wrong with riding a super corsa on the road? They have tread in the middle, it may not be much but you can't lean too much in the wet anyway so its not like it will make a difference
  10. They are way to hard for normal road riding. Super corsa's, pilot race and dunny 208gps are a hard compund that are designed to heat up quickly and be super sticky once hot. Normal road riding will never warm them up properly.
  11. not with slicks obviously!!
  12. good to c u finally got tyres mate,after the ride last week i was wondring when u were goin to invest in them.
  13. Exactly......they won't warm up with normal road riding....

  14. Once again these tyre debates amaze me no end. :twisted:

    These tyre manufacturers spend millions on R & D and they get PROFESSIONAL riders to test them on the track under what must be the most arduous conditions these tyres will encounter.

    Here we have a group of commuters or weekend warriors claiming "these tyres are shit" or "my back end stepped out on me therefore the tyre must be shit", wake up and smell the bullshit guys.

    U guys reckon anyone on this forum has the skill level of these PROFESSIONAL tyre testers to bring the tyre anywhere near its performance limit ?? I don't think so.

    You know what they say about bad tradesmen, they always blame their tools, maybe in the case of poor riders its always easy to blame the tyre for an inability to ride well.

    Over to you.......................
  15. Pilot Powers rule. Had Dunlop 208s that only got 1800-2000km where my Pilot Powers got 7-8000km with the same punishment and they are responsive and stick well on the road and track at all angles.

    Diablos and BridgeStones are probaly just as good but I am happy with the long life of the Powers


  16. Pilot Powers are great

    Pilot Powers rule. Had Dunlop 208s that only got 1800-2000km and I went through 3 sets before switching. My Pilot Powers got 7-8000km with the same punishment and they are responsive and stick well on the road and track at all angles.

    Diablos and BridgeStones are probaly just as good in their own way and I am yet to try them but I am happy with the long life of the Powers and are on my 3rd set


    http://home.exetel.com.au/righetti/Motorbike-Yamaha R1-OldPacific Highway-004sm.JPG

    Image tags deleted - Flipper
    This thread started as someone praising a product and it is interesting seeing others experiences and opinions
  17. Dang....I was trying to figure out how to say exactly what you just said.

    Well put.

    Clearly Michelin have no idea what they are doing. They have only won the last how many motogp/500cc world championships?
  18. If your having grip problems with tyres like powers because they are not getting hot enough, try dropping the pressures to 30 psi front and rear.
    36/42 is way too hard for tyres like these.
  19. I with ya all the way :LOL:
  20. So Twinpilot -are you saying I should have stuck with the 208's & blamed my riding style for such short tire life? Am I not allowed to try a different tire & if I like it heaven forbid actually tell someone else I think its a good thing? Do I need to ask for anyones opinion before I change brands? Dude its a free world & opinions are like arseholes -everyones got one but why should I take any more notice of one to another? All I said is I think they are a good thing & suit my riding style. Get over it :D