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Pilot Power or Pilot Pure or another make?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by norafugengixer, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all just wondering if i could pick your brains for some advice on tyre choice.

    A few years ago i purchased a set of Michelin pilot power 2ct for my K4 GSXR 1000. They had only just come out and i paid approx 650 for them. I found them really really good. The triangular shape of them made the bike feel very light and instantly gave me more confidence in corners.
    I took the bike bike to Broadford for my first ever track day and managed a 1:03 and was really comfortable about how the whole bike felt. I did ruin the right hand side edge of the rear tyre but i would think that this is acceptable for a track day.

    My bike is about to be put back on the road after a short racing stint. So i am in the need of a new set of road tyres. Just wondering if they are still a tyre to have or is there something better. I plan to do a lap of Tassie on them.

    Obviously the less i have to pay the better (who doesn't). However main priority's are Tyre shape and grip and the longest life possible of this style of tyre.
    Ive notice Michelin have brought out a Pilot Pure. Has anyone had experience with these?
    I also heard that one of the magazines did a street bike tyre test on the track and didn't change the test tyres all day. Think they may have been a Dunlop.

    I wont be doing any track days on them as i have a mountain of barely used slicks. Just Tassie soon for a week then the odd ride around the Otways in south west Victoria.

    Any first hand advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

  2. PM. MMMTS , he supplies(@ internet prices)/fits/balances a various range of tyres at very reasonable prices
    (he also has sales on in the vendors section )
    He just may be able to help you out :)
  3. Cheers thanks for the info. Found his details so I'll go from there.
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  4. Haven't touched a Michelin for a couple of years now so I don't have an opinion on them. Pirelli upped their game some time back and left the other manufacturers for dead so all of the discerning riders have crossed over to them. The Dunflop that tried to spit me off when i was behaving myself put me off them for good. Shop around for your prices, anyone can fit a tyre.
  5. Everyone's got different opinions on tyres of course, but the Dunlop Sportsmarts are brilliant IMO. I've not heard many great reports on the Pures. All the manufacturers are making good tyres of course, but I think Dunlop are leading the field on road and track at the moment. Life on the Sportsmarts is reasonable for a set of sticky-ish road tyres. I hated the Pirelli Diablo 3s and Rossos but others liked them.

    Also, I think 1.03 around Broadford on 2CTs is bloody good riding.
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  6. ..........
  7. On my 2nd pair of pilot pures on a 600, i certainly rate them better than the stock bridgestone tyres although they do need heat in them to give you lots of confidence, quite good on the track, but i am only moderate to slow paced

    I feel you need to be riding a moderate to fast pace to get them feeling sticky due to the dual compound

    just my 2cts
  8. Bridgestone S20! Sh!t all over both those Michelins. Had them on for 1500ks now and very impressed, brilliant in wet and dry, and seem to be holding up well.
    Price great too, $270 for the set, that's right the set (120/70 & 190/55) from the states, that's including shipping too
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  9. Shipping from overseas is the go as [MENTION=19394]fennell[/MENTION] mentioned
  10. If you like Michelin go with Pure, if you like Pirelli go with DRC and last but not least ........if you like Dunlop go with Sportsmart, easy choice :)

  11. Where did you get them from for that price?

  12. Motomummy.com has them for about that price I believe.
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  13. Yep, there, Jake Wilson etc.

    Must be some sort of cheap deal to get them into the market i guess, they seem to be cheap everywhere in the US atm. Weird given they're new tyres but suits me perfectly especially now I know how good they are!
  14. I used to buy Powers and liked them. Circumstances put me on Pirellis for a while (Syncs and Rossos - mediocre), then I went back to Mich.
    I don't think the Pures are as good as the original Powers or the 2CTs. Slip more, and wear much faster.
    I've just gone to a set of Metzeler M5s and only done a handful of kms, but so far they feel really, really good. Both quicker turning AND more stable than the Pures.
  15. Thanks so much guys for all the response. I suppose everybody feels differently about there tyres. There is no tyre that suits everybody's needs. At least the prices have come down. $270 for a set. That's bloody cheap. At that price even if they weren't he best tyre you'd owned you couldn't complain.