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Pilot Power and Road 2 Dual Compuond Tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, May 12, 2007.

  1. Anyone had the Pilot (Road or Power) 2's for 500km or more as yet? If so, what do you think of them? Wet weather? Twisties? Compared to previous Road/Powers? Compared to previous tyre?

  2. Not as yet, but when the current Pilot Roads wear out I'll be getting the 2ct's. They claim to be stickiest under most (all) conditions, according to the little sign thingy they display in some shops.
  3. What are "2ct's"?
  4. I think Realm is riding on a set at the moment Mouth..
  5. Pilot Road 2 - I thought the Road 2's were refered to as 2ct as the Pilot Powers are.
  6. Thanks for the links. This 2CT appears to be some MotoGP derived technology that they use for the compounds, rather than the branding of the tyres as such.

    Might try them for my next tyres. PRs at the moment don't really like the wet that much on the Blackbird. And as I'll be riding it a lot more during winter this year I'll want some decent wet weather rubber.
  7. Ummm, 2CT = Two Compound Tyre perhaps. :grin:
  8. Recently had Pilot road fitted to my VTR.
    I'll be getting the same when this one wears out.

  9. I have the road2, done just over 1500km.
  10. If you look further down there is a bit of discussion about the Road 2CT.

    I got a set recently and did 2500km in Tassie on the hornet. Was very happy with them. They seem to have a bit more lean angle than the previous model. I wore about 1mm from 6mm in the centre and 0.5ish from 4.5 on the sides over that dist. Very good in wet!! never tried to hard though. Way more grip than the previous model all round.

    If your looking for reasonable grip with more than 5-6000km, then give them a go.

    On the down side rear developed some small splits in the root of the tread. Was promptly replaced by Michelin.

    Cheers Paul
  11. I just went to the official launch of the 2CT by Michelin. Word is, both the types of 2CT are more durable than their previous equivalent
    in the middle of the tyre, but softer than before in the edges. That'll give you better grip and better longevity also.
  12. Interesting. From what I heard, and it wasn't from as official a source, the middle of the tyre wasn't going to be any any harder than the old tyres, just the sides would be softer. If the middle's going to be more durable I might consider powers again, but I was vastly unimpressed with the wear I had from the last lot, front AND rear.
  13. I've had PP's on the Tuono since new.

    13,500km for the first one.
    On 2nd front, worn but not excessively.

    7,500km partially worn. Replaced early for Tassie trip
    16,500km shagged.

    I don't ride like a maniac, but don't pootle about either. The Tuono makes a nice 120RWHP and puts it down well, but I can't see how I can complain about the tyre wear. Sgt Scumbag gets similar wear on the ST, which although about 30hp less is carrying 30-40kg more and is ridden quite hard.
  14. Maybe it's suspension, maybe it's tyre pressures, maybe it's my fat arse, maybe it's excessive wheelies and stoppies, but I had a pair of powers on the Hornet and it chewed the rear down to canvas in 4500km... The front didn't have a whole lot left in it either so I replaced both with second hand Pirelli Supercorsas that had been abused in superstock racing. They cost me $150 fitted and lasted about 6,000km with superb grip and great feel.

    I certainly don't ride any harder than you or Scummy, Cejay - although I am a lot heavier than you two (put together) and I don't have the sweet sweet dago suspension you guys do. Either way, other grippy tyres have lasted me a lot longer than powers.
  15. It's the wombats chewing on your tyres Loz. :LOL:

    My Pilot Powers are now 4500Km old and look like they'll last at least 4500Km more. Possibly lots more. Of course, I am more gentle on these tyres (and the bike) than I was on the first set of tyres. :cool:
  16. If am good at anything whilst riding, it's throttle control. I don't crack the throttle wide open and always roll on progressively. It's what also slows me down on exits (not that it bothers me). Sharp, hard or aggressive throttle inputs on bikes with lots of hp will result in heavy wear.
  17. Below is a copy of the review I did on the Pilot Road 2 rear tyre on Ozblackbird.

    Still haven't done full pace tight twisties yet, but they handle a quick paced run up Mac Pass alright.
  18. Update, update update!!!!

    The pilot roads are great, however nothing can save you on a wet oily road. Was on my way to get the replacement tyre for the faulty rear and nearly dropped the bike at a steady 15km/h turning right. Me thinks I could run around there faster. :grin:

    Cheers Paul
  19. I have the PP's at the moment and for a road/sports tyre, they are good.

    Anything with more grip will wear quickly!

    Unless you have a nick name with "crazy" in it, they will be fine.

    Guys do track days on them and seem to get 2-4 full days out of them.

    Wet grip seems to be good, came around a corner today cranked over, knee on deck (first time on the K6 1K), spotted a wet patch and picked it up with only a very slight squirm from the front. Would have been nasty with stock tyres.

    From what I gather, the 2CT's have the last 5mm (on the front) soft, the rest is normal PP. I have about 3mm chicken strips on the front which I dont have the nuts to get rid of on the street. First trackday on the 11th so will see how they go

    Apparently the rears have the last inch in the new compound.

    Heard of one guy doing consistent 1.50's around EC and another guy doing 1.45's on regular PP's. Although a lot of it would be talent.