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pilot power 2ct on bandit 1250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ruski, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. So in my enthusiasm to get some new tyres (7,500 kms on the OEM dunlops, back is not entirely roadworthy in the centre) I researched, decided to get a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2s. Ordered them from the US, realised a couple of days later (already shipped) that I mistakenly ordered the Pilot Power 2CTs :nopity:

    The tread pattern doesn't look as wet weather friendly as the road 2s. Will Pilot Power 2cts be ok on a Bandit 1250 for commuting through winter? I ride every day. What kind of life can I expect out of them? Hoping for them to at least match the Dunlops.

    in short, I need to learn how to read what I am buying.
  2. the power 2ct's are still a good tyre, and pretty good in the wet.

    are you just commuting? hard to say on tyre wear, but they do last a good time. just depends how hard you turn the throttle when its leaned over.
  3. Thanks JimmyD, helps to quash my concerns a bit. Most reviews I've read are people using them on cbr600s and the like, made me feel like I had shopped in the wrong class.

    Mostly commuting with an occasional jaunt up to the hills on the weekend (maybe once a month or so). Also planning to head over to Adelaide and back over the Easter weekend (5 days off woop!)

    I'm sure they will be okay, they just need to last at least as long as the Dunlops have and I'll be happy. On the plus side, the set only cost me $275 to the door.
  4. They do have a fairly soft carcass. I would be keeping a good eye on your tyre pressure.
  5. I have a set of pilot roads (not pr2) if you wanna swap eheheh
  6. i'm putting power pures on my bandit and i ride in the wet.
    you"ll be fine. it's only commuting.
    yes, there are better wet/rain tires, but don't waste your money, only to destroy them on sunny days.