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Pilot on Mobile Phone Forgets to Lower Wheels??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. What hope do we have for motorists when Pilots are distracted by mobile phones??

    Read the full article H E R E
  2. Jetstar A320's have 180 seats not 220

    and the buggers are always on their phones ;)

    better to realise whats going on and do a go around, than **** up and forget 150t of weight and drag the arse down the runway
  3. Authenticity of the article is questionable...

    There would have been plenty of warning bells of landing gear not deployed way earlier than 150 meters above the ground....
  4. About 10 years ago a rotary driver had an engine failure in the A109 (twin engine) helicopter that he was flying. He continued at reduced speed to the nearest suitable airfield, and was on descent for a single engine landing on the runway when the Boss rang to find out why he was late for the client pickup.

    As he was explaining the facts of life to the Boss, he continued the approach with the inevitable result....


    And the airfield sent a bill for the damage to the runway =D>
  5. How would the runway pay?
  6. J* A321-200's are configured for 220 if I remember correctly.

    Everglades crash comes to mind. Flight crew gets distracted and fixates... and forgets to fly the plane.
  7. 150m is heaps of room...

    Plane should grind to a stop without even loosing 10mm off the bottom anyway. That's how they're engineered at least...
  8. With hard time.
  9. Better than what this poor bastard tried.

  10. That vid reminds me: how does a RAF pilot know he's got the gear up?

    It takes reheat to taxi into the dispersal ;)
  11. ATSB Report is here :-s


  12. Just spoke about this on 3aw...
    Now someone's saying pilot and co thought they were 800ft higher than what they were and also now they're reporting flaps wern't lowered.

    Something still doesn't sound right about all this.....
    CASA never got too involved but the reporter is shocked how this hasn't been taken more seriously..

    Like I said, something's not right..
    Either someone's trying to hide something or reporters looking for sensationalizing something..

    Lets see how it all eventuates...
  13. Numpties forgot to do stuff, warning bells sounded, landing was aborted, nobody was hurt, airline made changes as a result.

    That's how it should work.

    Presumably the reporter is shocked that people didn't run around screaming about how we're all going to die in a fiery crash since pilots are trying to kill us. Maybe they need a job working for Today Tonight?
  14. Or the transport department, or police media unit ](*,)
  15. No input from Nick in this thread? Calling @Nickers
  16. I reckon if you read the ATSB report carefully, then its not hard to be a little sensational about it. Captain (pilot not flying) utterly distracted and failing to attend to his duties on the flight deck, including listening and responding to his First Officer who was pilot flying. First Officer failed to complete approproate checklists at the appropriate times and was significantly distracted, it appears by fatigue according to ATSB. Neither pilot reacted terribly well to alarms. They did the right thing by performing a go-around - in fact the only thing.

    But, there was no record of any texts because the Captain had deleted all, and the international network he was in at the time did not retain records, so we don't know if he received and read, or sent any texts, or just managed to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to unlock and turn off his mobile. Hey, he's only an airbus pilot so unlikely to be good with technology? Yikes!

    ATSB reckons both pilots affected by fatigue. Both pilots turned around and did the return to Darwin, as approved by Jetstar. ATSB sees no systemic problems with Jetstar.


    Interesting comments on pprune.org and plane talking on crikey.
  17. Bloody hoon, on his phone driving the plane

    Impound and crush it!
  18. That's right, I say impound the aircraft for 30 days...... :p
  19. Hence the rule:

    1) Aviate

    2) Navigate

    3) Communicate

    In that order.
  20. But why is it, that people have this over whelming urge to answer a ringing phone or check an SMS even if it puts there own Safety or the safety of others around them in to question.

    Is it so hard to hear the little beep or the phone Ring and choose to ignore it?

    If I'm driving and I get a SMS I don't worry about it until I can pull over or I'll check it when I reach my destination.

    If the phone rings and if I'm busy/driving, I ignore it, I figure if it's urgent they will ring back, if not they will leave a message. (unless my Bluetooth is activated then I will talk using the Handsfree in the Car Stereo)

    It's like Texting and driving, I tried it once out on a bit of deserted road, I couldn't do it, I was all over the road, and yet it never cease to amaze me how many people I see driving around town looking at phones either reading or writing texts.