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QLD Pillions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by White Shadow, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys and Dolls, I will soon be moving off my RE licence and have a question regarding pillions. When I got my RE licence the trainer said when you upgrade your licence, " you will wait another 12 months before you can pillion on that class of bike"
    Now what I read on the qld transport site is " Before you carry a pillion passenger you must have held your open motorcycle licence for at least 12 months." Now as my licence is an open as in not provisional RE, and when I upgrade I will have a none restricted open licence, can I carry a pillion if I am on a non RE bike.

  2. Assuming this is Queensland, you have 12 months of no pillion, no alcohol, no supervising after getting the R licence.
  3. I wondered this too.... But I got pulled up with a pillion and didn't get in trouble.... But I could've been lucky.
  4. Is this for real?........Don't they think you get enough experience riding through from the L to open licence period?

    And to think that in SA you are allowed to pillion with a licenced (for 2 years)rider while on your "L" plate for instructional purposes only.

    There doesn't appear to be any restriction once off your Ls.

  5. From the QLD transport website -

    "You are only allowed to carry a passenger on a motorbike if you hold a provisional or open licence that authorises you to ride that class of vehicle and you have held that class of licence for at least one year."

    So you must hold the R class licence for a year.
  6. What newguy posted is right in QLD you have to hold the specific class licence for 12 months so in your case you will only be able to have a pillion on a LAMS approved bike until the 12 months is up on your class R Provisional licence.
  7. It has been discussed on this forum before, but you don't have a zero alcohol limit for the first twelve months on R. Many people make this mistake, including my Q-Ride instructor.

    But you do have a zero pillion limit for the first twelve months, which is why I kept riding my small bike even after I got my R class.
  8. The minimum time in Qld from never having touched a motorcycle to being let loose on a big boy bike is a year and a day.
    The minimum time, if you are competent, from your first ride on a bike to operating a LAMS bike without supervision is a day.

    So, rightly or wrongly, no they don't think that the length of time from learners to full license is long enough to trust you with a pillion.

    And one of the changes to the last revision of the system was to disallow having your qualified instructor as a pillion. Now they must be in a sidecar or another vehicle (including a car, don't know about bicycle or pedestrian). So it was previously like SA in that regard but has been changed.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, man that sucks should have got my licence back when I was riding chook chasers. Now I am torn stay on the lams bike for another 12 months just to pillion the mrs or get onto a dream bike and leave the mrs behind for another 12 months
  10. I think the answer to your dilemma is to have both bikes. More bikes is the solution to many problems.
  11. That sounds like a cunning plan that's sure to succeed.