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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tenoq, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if someone knew the current penalty in Victoria for carrying a pillion passenger on a restricted license (non-learner)?

  2. Stupidity is not against the law.

    Irrespective of the penalty, your pillion is not covered by the TAC. Skin grafts are expensive as well as painful.
  3. Is the pillion in general not covered by the TAC or just if the rider has restrictions?

    What IS the penalty anyway?
  4. If the rider is on restrictions.
  5. Testicular removal by her father. :D
  6. Good thing for the both of us! :p

    So no-one knows the answer to this one, I take it?
  7. Jason (mouth) will. I would think it would be available from the web somewhere and I guess Vic roads would be the place to start.

    Mate of mine got picked up on it and copped a $120 fine or so, no points from memory, not sure if that;s the norm or not though.
  8. It cracks me up when ever I see a dude on a bike in full lethers and his girl at the back with thongs, shorts and a singlet... oh and and ill fitting helmet...
  9. You betcha. Mine would be another Count-of-Monte-Christo type tale. :LOL:
  10. Yep, from memory thats the same fine (violating restrictions) that you get for riding on a bike larger than 260cc's. Again, no demerit points, just the $120 and your off on your way.

    I'd imagine if its a repeat thing (if it goes on your record) you may end up getting screwed for it.
  11. Cheers jack!

    I'm quite aware of the risks associated with 'him' finding out! :LOL:

    Ah... the skirt/dress amuses me the most ;) Fortunately my passenger has most of the appropriate safety gear. Still need to get her some Draggins.
  12. The pillion will still be covered by TAC for both medical expenses & lncome benefits. Actually nearly everyone gets covered for medical expenses even drunk unlicenced drivers as that only affects their entitlements to loss of earnings.
  13. As long as the viehecle is regested... No reg no TAC.
  14. And even then, this is debatable. A few years ago, TAC lost a case where a couple of trailbike riders had a crash off-road. Bikes unreg. Yet they still lodged a claim with TAC. One of the arguments put forward was that the bikes weren't on "public" roads.

    TAC lost. I think it appealed. Can't recall exact details.

    It's probably on the web somewhere...
  15. Picture this - New Year's Day, 1975. Hot. The mates and their girlfriends, recovering after a rather wild NYE party decide to head up to a nearby lake for a swim. Heading out from a farm. All dirt roads. We don the gear. The girls are reluctant to wear anything more than a bikini and thongs. They're told to dress up. One mate's girl refuses, despite a lot of pressure from friends. She's wearing shorts, t-shirt, sandals and an open face lid.

    Two of the lads decide to make a bit of a race. One of them loses it on a corner and takes the other down. We catch up. Bikes everywhere. Mate with scantily clad girlfriend have nowhere to go. He hits the picks and they shoot off the road into a blackberry bush. He's OK. She's not. Scratched from head to toe. Looked nasty but wasn't. Just painful.

    She never rode on a bike again...
  16. The pillion/passenger is always covered, regardless of registration status.
  17. gawd took some doing
    but finally found the answer..........
    as I see you really didn't get that answered

    under the Vic Road Safety (driver) Regulations 1999 (as amended)
    Reg 211 (4)-
    states that you cannot carry a pillion or drive* a motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 260cc, while a learner or Probationary licence holder.
    Reg 211(1) -
    states that the penalty for doing so is...3 penalty units
    from memory, a penalty unit is $110 (can anyone confirm?)

    * yep it says DRIVE a motorcycle,
    anyone driven a motorcycle lately...??

  18. pain

    :D thats nearly happend to me when he found out i took his daughter from melton to kew in peak hour traffic.

    trust me get permission plus i strongly advice u to be fully licensed :p