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Pillioning Machine for the Bravii (was 'Triumph ST and RS')

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. OK, so the really exciting news is that I have permission from She Who Must Be Obeyed to buy a bike, and not to faff about with old stagers like the somewhat dodgy but affordable CBR1000F I asked about a couple of days ago.

    My top two are still the Firestorm and the Bandit 1200, and I'm thinking about spending around 8 grand. Someone in that thread mentioned the ZXR1000 so I'm taking that under advisement too.

    But a general trawl through Bikesales and Bikepoint also turns up the Triumph Sprint as a sports-tourer possibility that seems to meet the bill. Some reviews refer to it as a challenger to the VFR800, and that's fairly exalted company for the price, IMO.

    Any experiences, good bad or indifferent, with these? Are they rare and exotic enough to pose a problem with parts and service? Thoughts in general, vs the competition I've described? (The brief, once again, is lots of pillioning with two fairly beefy people, but I don't fancy an St or GTR.)
  2. bandit over the firestorm anytime. It will probably give you the best blend of reliability and performance.
  3. Thanx for that - I'm coming around to that view myself. I'd been imagining the Firestorm as mostly a solo proposition with the once-a-month pillion, but part of the reason for Her change of mind is the idea that I can pillion her to work most days.

    Given that, I guess the related question is 'What else should I be considering?' I have seen the odd VFR800 with decent age and km in this price range, and that has a good rep as a pillioning machine.

    I still want something exciting, but I'm no weekend scratch-warrior: no chicken strips on my current bike, but it's still a means of transport much more than a toy. Same wanted for the new one, but with added pillion capacity and just newness/reliability.
  4. If you are thinking of a Sprint for 8 large then you might as well take a look at a first gen VFR800 for the same money. I've seen a couple in Peter Stevens in Melb for about that much with 35-45 thousand kms. There's one in my shed with 110,000 that keeps on going regardless of my attempts to kill it.
  5. I owned a first generation Sprint ST 955 (1999), and to be honest it gave me nothing but trouble.

    The later versions are good, but that first release had a *lot* of issues.

    Deyago is correct... the VFR800 > early Sprint ST.
  6. Sounds gewd. Suspect that if all checks out I may well end up with the Bandit I asked about here a week or so ago. I mean an immaculate looking 1999 Bandit with about 48,000 km on the clock, all the mods I'd want to do already done, for under 5 grand... hard to go past, IMO. And even with Her approval, 5k is easier to come by than 8.

    Still, a VFR is a nice dream... but I do wonder about the servicing/repair costs of a more complex machine.

    On the other hand, the Bandit's air/oiliness worries me in the context of traffic.
  7. Although I also have to admit that Pnuckle's Firestorm continues to call to me. I mean it's 5-6 years younger, 1/3 the kms and just damn seksi. OK, so it's nearly twice the price, but still...
  8. This one perhaps.
  9. That *is* damn tasty - and I work in Ipswich some of the time. Hmmm....
  10. You know what they say, can't hurt to look :demon:
  11. I was going to recommend it as well :cool:

    Plenty of reasonably priced big bikes around (as per the links above :shock:) Winter's not too far away, so some bargains to surely be had.
  12. Meh, just took another look at Pnuckle's and realised it's not much use to me after all - the sweet high pipe means no pillion pegs, and the main reason for the upgrade is pillioning...

    OK, still looking and thinking, but I have to admit the Bandit 1200S is pretty high on the list for what I want to do. Guess I should probably also look at Blackbirds...
  13. Well, the other thing I haven't thought about for a while is the V-Stroms. I mean, I like v-twin and need something good for pillioning... it's a natural in some ways.

    The 1000s are probably a bit outside my budget - how would a 650 go two-up (with larger people)?
  14. Or of course there's a Hornee 9 like this, which is pretty tempting:

    2005 Hornet 900
  15. Hmm, mebbe not - one review I read described the H9's pillion seat as 'like a couple of slices of toast'.
  16. (don't mind me as I burble away to myself here)
  17. Hey Bravus
    both Phil and I have the 650 stroms and when I crashed mine and it was off for repairs Phil had to pillion my large self into the Melbourne CBD everyday and then back home in the arvo. about 70+km's a day and neither Phil or myself are small. Was not uncomfortable at all, just Phil rides differently to me frustration :LOL:

    Another person who has recently done two up on his 650 is warnabrother, not sure if he is still on this forum, but he is over at netrider and he did Tassie recently with both his wife and himself as well as gear (including camping gear) and seemed more then happy with it.

  18. Cool, thanks for that Tracey. That seems to be the consensus over at the Stromtrooper forum too.

    So I guess at this point it pretty much comes down to the WeeStrom vs the Bandit...
  19. I'm not biased (honestly!), but this might be worth a look.

    A 2000 Suzuki GSX750F with < 31,000 k's on the clock. $6450 asking price, and it's in Qld.