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Pillioning and 250's - Hey stop laughing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Bout to go for my P's on OCt 22nd, and once i do i can pillion yayyyy time to scare the ber-jeebers out of my friends... :p

    Any way well after a 4 solid months of riding and over 10,000 Kms im thinkng of upgrading my GPX and prefer something that wouldn't feel like a scooter if i threw a friend on the back for the nicer ride days...

    So can anyone tell me which bike i should really be looking at... TBH the two i fancy ATM are either a ZXR250 or a Bandit... Any opinions?

  2. Are the laws different in SA as they are in Vic? In Vic, while on P's or a restricted licence, you still have all the restrictions as an L plater ie no pillion, zero alcohol and 250cc and under.
    I have pillioned on many occasions on the Across and the only problem I have is when slowing down and stabalising the bike when I come to a complete stop, but that is more due a lack of strength and height :oops:
    Once on the move I have had the Across up to 130 KMPH with a 6 foot male pillion on the back.
  3. Yeah on our P's we can pillion...

    Still no alcy, and restriced to 100 instead of 80, and must display your P unless you hold a full drivers licence, i which case you dont need to display the P, which is a bummer coz i was hoping the chicks would think im still a young'un :p

    Edit - yeah still restriced to 250 too
  4. gpx should be fine dude, in fact, i'd recommend a twin over an inline 4 :D inline 4s are quicker, but they dont have the same grunt down low so you'll have more of a struggle taking off.

    stick with the GPX, or if you're feeling rich, maybe upgrade to a ZZR (same motor, bigger/comfier bike) or a VTR (slightly gruntier i believe, the spada was so i'd assume this is too). but yeah, i'd say stick to a twin 250 for the pillions :wink:

  5. Bummer i was afraid i was gonna hear that :p
  6. I have no problems with pillions on my GPX, it still has plenty of go. Although the only pillions i've taken have been small, light chicks.
  7. just upgrade to the zzr.... you know you want too
  8. Maybe you should experiment with large fat chicks, they are people too.


    ZZR250 PUP
  9. having pillioned people on both a ZZR and VTR (both 250s), in terms of city riding, the VTR is better coping with constant starting and stopping thanks to the increased torque of a V-Twin. if you're mainly going to be on the freeway, the ZZR IMO is a better choice.
  10. lol :LOL:

    After breakin up with my other half a week ago i'm thinking of now finding my match by going and buying a set of female leathers and then looking for the chick that fits them, quite like cinderella!
  11. I've got a GV250 Aquila and I've taken MANY pillions on my bike and it dont mind it one bit... you just have to get the gears right... balancing at low speed is the trickiest part...
  12. provided the pillion knows how to be a pillion, there really isn't a trickiest part. all that should really be happening is the bike becoming a fair bit heavier, it'll still balance in much the same way provided they're not moving around too much on you :D
  13. A 250 will take a pillion no probs, my dad once took my uncle for a ride on the back of my RD50 (as in 50cc).

    I found my RGV250 would go a bit 'flighty' 2-up, actually make that 'flightier' ;)

    As other's have said the most import thing is that your pillion knows what they are doing (for example they don't slide forward when you brake or lean off like a pillock).

    Also look for a lighter pillion, anything over 56kg on a 250 is just asking for trouble!
  14. Hey I nearly booked in to do the P test then too... small problem is its the day after I have knee surgery... so now I have to wait until the 10th December.

    Be sure to PM me with hints hey. I wanna know all the details what gears you do the course in EVERYTHING!!!
  15. Before I joined the ranks and got my L's, my partner used to pillion me on a SR250 - and the news is that I'm heavier than 56kg. I think it all comes down to the skill of the rider and the pillion not acting like a dipshit on the back!! :)
  16. damn the rest of the country having more lax laws for people on restrictions! :x victoria sucks *kicks desk*

    i doubt my friends would trust me with only 6 months experience anyway.. but total strangers, they'd be none the wiser :wink:

    trisha if you managed to pillion on a sr250 then i say you can pillion on anything as sr's have a reputation for being gutless
  17. Hey Sly

    Admittedly I wasn't the one doing the riding (I was the pillion). My partners had the old motorbike license for around 7 years or so. Even just getting pillioned on a gutless SR was enough to give me the bug!!! :D

  18. If its your first ever pillion, just remember that an experienced pillion or rider will make your learning a little easier.
  19. Pillioning is fine on a 250. Been pillioning the wife-to-be for a while.

    The only problem is she will struggle at freeway speeds.

    Also for a long haul trip, it ain't that comfortable.

    That said, we did a run to Port Stephens once (about 300klicks each way), on the Spada. With luggage.

    Yes we were both fairly sore at the end of that.
  20. I had the same problem. Tie her hands behind her back and put a hood over her helmet :wink: