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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sez, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. hi guys,
    im sure this has been covered before in previous topics but here goes.

    i have just gotten off my restrictions and im hoping to take my gf for a ride soon.
    just wondering if you have any tips for me, like where is a good place to go for some practice rides and stuff.

    i ride a zzr 250 i ride quite confidently and im only hoping to take her for short bursts untill we both feel confident enough for more ( she has never ridden/pillioned)

  2. Just take it easy and keep it smooth, you'll be fine.

    The extra weight will change the handling so be cautious until you're both used to it.
  3. Make sure you clarify to them that they shouldn't put their feet down when the bike stops. Made the mistake of not telling an "experienced" pillion that.. once.

    Oh, or there's my mate that tried to jump on pillion whilst I was sitting on the bike gearing up. Nearly binned my brand new GT. :evil:
  4. Do everything gently...no point in bagging your helmets together. If you do ..it was too abrupt..with the gear change/throttle/brake.
    Ask them to look over your left shoulder turning left..and right shoulder turning right.

    And don't even think about showing them how well you can ride...because they just wont understand..
  5. Yup. I always make a point of telling my pillions to wait until I tell them to board, to wait until I tell them to dismount, and to always keep their feet on the footpegs.

    (Not that there's a chance of them putting their feet down on the Tiger! :LOL: But I have had one pillion who would wait until the very microsecond we stopped and leap straight off the bike before I'd braced myself properly. :evil: )

    And yes, be very smooth with throttle, brake and gearchanges - they can't anticipate the acceleration forces like the rider can, usually have less to hang onto than the rider, and they don't have a seatbelt and backrest to hold them still like in a car.
  6. Feet never come off pegs, look over the shoulder the side you are turning, tap if you need to stop, hang on, don't get on/off until called...that's worked for me for taking complete newbies on the back. The rest is up to me to ride smooth. I also think it's worth mentioning to them that as a passenger on a bike, you've effectively got a hand on the steering wheel...so behave yourself :wink:

    Edit: I took my first ones on a 250 too - the center of gravity change was quite offputting at first. Biggest effect was turning from a stop - you have to keep the bike upright and effectively drive it round the corner rather than just dipping it in - the extra weight up top may cause a hairy moment if you do with the lack of speed.
  7. +1 All good tips!
    Took Cindy out on the back last Sunday avo.
    Instructions were:
    - Never mount or dismount until I give the ok.
    - Gave her a choice of where to hold on.
    - Never hold/touch my upper body ( ie shoulders, upper back etc )
    - Don't try sitting upright in turns, lean with the bike. ie ( look over my left shoulder in left turns & visa versa )
    - Your feet are NEVER to leave the pegs.
    - Don't be a backseat driver ... I'll worry about the traffic. ( last thing I need is her to panic when appraoching a vehicle wanting to turn etc )

    Also good to have her use a form of 'code' to communicate.
    Ours is:
    'everything ok' -1 knock on my helmet
    'slow down' - 2 knocks
    'STOP' - 3 knocks
    'I'm having a ball' - Grab my crotch :LOL:
  8. Tip one:

    Sudden braking will result in your girlfriend bumping her whole body into you. This process is called the "boob crush". Highly recommended at every traffic light for a cheap thrill.

    Tip two:

    Blipping the throttle is not just for smooth gear shifts or posing at traffic lights. Those extra revs can give added enjoyment to your female pillion.

    Tip three:

    Yes honey, it really is necessary for you to wear a tight leather outfit when you come riding pillion with me. It's for your safety I promise. What do you mean you don't think this Catwoman outfit is appropriate?

    Tip four:

    Make sure you are well rested and prepared for being dragged off and thanked in an appropriate fashion for the awesome experience you've just given her

    *Disclaimer: All of the above tips may or may not get you knee'd in the nuts for being a sexist pig :grin:
  9. thanks for all your tips guys they will be great.
    ive just gotta find her a decent helmet first (hopefully this weekend) then some nice sunny days for our first ride.
    and bluesuede your tips do sound good but as for the disclaimer, i don't have balls so i prob wont be kneeed in them. lol

    hopefully you will see us both around soon
  10. hahah love it bluesuede :D
    my gf gave it a laugh as well :p (perhaps cause its a year before i can legally pillion :LOL: )
  11. Warning - Tip 2 can result in a numb 'giny'. Not my words but my girlfriend.
  12. Love it!
  13. You bikers and your over active sex drives! :LOL: :p

    Geez next thing i'll hear you sick people say to do will be zip a golf ball under the seat :grin: ... all in good fun of course! :LOL:
  14. A pillion is NOT a passenger...straighten her out on that immediately!
    Everything she does back there affects the bike...so you need to explain to her that SHE is a CO-RIDER, and must take an active role in helping you ride the bike...if she sits back there like she would in a car, there will be trouble...
    If adopt that mindset, you'll do a lot better for both of you.

    And do NOT show off...if you scare the crap out of her, it'll be the last time she gets on with you.


  15. Ahhhhhhhhh LOVE IT!!! :rofl:
  16. hardest thing about pillion is trying to get the girl to stop clanging helmets every time you brake slowly.

    other than that it's easy :D
  17. I do heaps of riding with my gf (co-pilot) on the back. A few tricks of mine are;

    - at low speed use the rear brake as much as possible, it stops the bike nose diving and your nuts getting smashed.

    - if you take it right up in the revs then decide to back off, click it up a gear then roll off. That stops the massive compression braking and saves your nuts from getting smashed.

    - throttle blip on downshifts, if done properly it makes it smoother

    - clutchless shifts at certain times can be smoother than using the clutch (and far worse if you get it wrong)

    - countersteering is more important than ever, you can somewhat make up for the lack of body weight shifting by using aggressive countersteering to flick the bike down into the lean and hold it there.

    - if you're going to take off quickly from stopped, give it one throttle blip first to warn your pillion. (they'll soon learn what it means and it becomes instinct)

  18. all great advice Marty. :wink: :)
  19. Come down to the learners ride on Tuesday night, thats what I have done to get my sons and myself used pillioning, is working for us.
  20. I took my GF for a first ride on my CBR600RR '08 this weekend.

    I experienced some nut crushing but overall it was not so bad. The question I want to ask (sorry for hijacking the thread) :

    - what should she hold on to? Because of the way her feet and legs positioning, she was squeezing my side very tightly as she was worried she will fall off when I take off. The bike has no handles or anything so she had her hands around my waist but she was still worried she'll fall off.

    I was not accelerating hard at all and was trying to make it as smooth as possible.