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Discussion in 'VIC' started by Jenn, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Moved to Melbourne recently, gonna get me a bike while i'm here but i'm still not 100% decided - bit different riding here compared to the UK!

    I this is really cheeky but i wondered if anybody fancied meeting up, possibly showing me what its like to ride out here?

    Any help would be appreciated - bit overwhelming and taking it all in at the moment lol


  2. I am licensed to take a pillion and apparently am quite good at it (so they say) - just ask Nightowl on the forums.
    I would be more than happy to show you what it's like on the back of a bike if you don't mind riding on the back of a big dirt bike with a P plater operator.
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  3. Kernel, pillion practice in a carpark is vastly differant from the road...Dont you think it would be better for a rider with a few years of experiance behind them to do this? No offence, just a thought ;)
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  4. Bwahaha
  5. what days/times are you avaliable?
    do you have your own riding gear?
  6. Yes, true, but I've got to get out and pillion on the road some time. Why not be doing someone a favor while doing that? Plus, I've pillioned on the road before.
    If anyone with a few years experience would rather do it than let me do it and is available at the same time Jenn is available then I won't mind.
  7. Reorganize these words into a legible sentence..

    Farking life in own taking your hands..
  8. Taking (a) farking life in your own hands, I know, I know mate. I am always careful.
  9. Really??
  10. Oh this thread has potential....lol

  11. Yes chicken, even when doing silly stuff I am careful about how I do it, just not so careful about when & where I do it. But I am learning that as well, part of life & growing up. Obviously silly stuff is completely out of the question when taking a pillion and I am even more careful than I am with only myself on the bike.
    I have no wish to discuss this further, could we please get back to the original topic? Thanks.
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  12. Smart move, and as Joe said, the possibilities!!
    I'd reckon you meant well Kernell, but can you see other peoples concerns?
  13. I can, but let's leave it to Jenn to decide.
  14. Welcome aboard Jenn, good timing, spring is up and running. While this week isn't looking good, some great riding weather is just over the horizon.

    I'd pillion you if I was legally able...but I'm sure you'd enjoy the ride whoever you go with!

  15. hi Mate, you never actually said you rode in the UK are you a rider or an interested pillion?
  16. welcome Jenn, and good point Nobby, rider or professional pillion jenn?
  17. how much do you weigh ?
    in my experience, girls from the internets who are in fact female tend to be rather large.
    i don't mean to be rude, but decent rear shocks cost a packet.
    better to ask now, than just rock up, take one look and GTFO
  18. This thread will be soooooo big "" ok look if I was you I would pay $100.00 and go to deca training www.deca.com.au .. In Carrum Downs and you can do a 4 hour course designed for people who have never ridden before . This will give you a better understanding .
  19. On second thoughts if you have ridden before you will find a lot of experienced guys on here to help in a big way :)
  20. Have you come across girls who are not female? ;)