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Pillion thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by offtrack, May 12, 2015.

  1. I took my first pillion on the weekend.

    I had my mum over for her 67th Birthday, and took her for her first ride on a bike!

    She loved it!

    So, tell us some pillion stories? Oldest? Youngest?? Funny story??

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  2. My first pillion was a spanish friend of mine who grew up with a motorcycle mad father and has been riding motorbikes since she was 8 or so. I read about all the issues a pinion brings, but after riding with her wondered what all the fuss was about? Sure I concentrated more on being smoother and a slower, but filtered and rode just like I normally do. Apart from the occasional helmet taps from me not bing so smooth, or warm hugs. I didn't notice she was there.

    My next pillion was an Italian girl who had limited exerience with beig a pillion. Wow! I then understood the issues, no filtering with her as a passenger, lol.

    Luckily for me the spanish girl is the regular pillion!
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  3. I probably shouldn't admit to this but .... I had a girlfriend who I knew was playing up so I was going to dump her. I picked her up on the Kwaka 900 and went for a bit of a ride. We were getting near home and I was going to give her a bit of a scare so I popped a small wheelie. All of a sudden I saw these two feet going up past me on either side. I would not have intentionally dropped her off the back of the bike but I didn't feel too bad about it. No damage but not happy Jan. Last time I saw her. That was about 38 years ago!!
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  4. A few years back me and my wife were riding to southern England and had stopped for some lunch.
    When we came out it was spitting with rain and decided to put on our waterproofs.
    After a few miles it started to rain quite heavy. About 30 miles later I needed to stop and fuel up and as I took a long sweeping off ramp I felt the bike judder a bit, it felt like I'd run over a small patch of diesel.
    I stopped at the pump and my wife said to me "How long has it been raining for"
    Turns out she'd been asleep for the last 30 miles and the judder I felt was her waking up with a bit of a jump.
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  5. i was a pillion on the back of a scooter in bali.

    dad had a scooter and took my brother, and I was on the back of mums.
    she was really nervous pulling out of the hotel, was really shaky, slow and wobly. really slow. within 5 seconds and 3 m away from the hotel she drove it right into a sewage drain.

    we were both 100% unharmed, but seeing as I was about 11 or 12 i was pretty shook up. dad wouldn't let me get put off by it, so that afternoon i was on the back of his bike cruising around no worries.
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  6. When we use to longerl trips on freeways my girl use to turn her head to the side and fall asleep leaning on me.

    I'd wake her up by tapping on her leg when we were starting to come into an area that had traffic lights etc so she wouldn't get a fright when I took off.

    That's trust isn't it lol?
    Not sure I'd be able to do that.
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  7. This may or may not have happened...

    I used to run about on a old GPZ250 (belt drive), which I came to own through a trade with a mate on my Torana. At this point in time I had not gotten my licence, so police attention was not particularly welcome. Anyway, one night I was running him to another mates place and a cop car did a u-turn and started heading back our way, needless to say I was reluctant to stop, so I pinned the throttle and took the next left turn. When I checked over my shoulder, hoping he was still there, my mate riding pillion was doing a great job of covering the number plate with his t-shirt while hanging on with one hand to the bike. What a friend!

    We arrived safely to the said friends house and parked the GPZ well out of site..

    Ahh, to be young and stupid again..
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  8. My first road bike was a Kwaka Z900 and in those days I relied on a padlock on the front disc for security. Anyways I took a girl out for the first pillion ride and during the ride I felt something rubbing me down there, wow I thought she's not shy, so I happened to sneak a peak expecting to see her hand but it was the bloody padlock I had put through my belt loop that was doing the rubbing doh!!!
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  9. Had many takers since sharing that story? ha ha ha
  10. Luckily I look like a sweet innocent butter wouldn't melt in my mouth kind of guy. Which I am 99% of the time ;) People walk into my web all the time! lol :whistle:

    Seriously though, I am a lot older and wiser and I use my words to sort out life's challenges these days. O:)
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  11. Oldest early 80s.

    Youngest about 3 months.

    Fattest about 100kg.
  12. My current bike with me + fuel/stuff + pillion weighs north of 500kg! Little 125 bikes are a lot easier to handle with pillions on them.
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  13. Strangest experience so far was a few weeks ago

    Taking my gf on a ride through the city, hear her screaming out abuse...[me thinking wtf what have I done now. and look around]...find out shes spotted a driver playing around on an ipad then proceeded to ripping into them.
    One of my by bad habits. ;)
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  14. Sometimes having a bike is just so awesome!

    My nine year old daughter has been bugging me for months to take her out on a ride with me. Since I'm now officially fully licensed and my wife's small Bell fits the youngest perfectly as we found out meant that the planets had aligned to make this possible.

    Had the most fun EVER. Having two Sena's meant we where chatting away endlessly during the whole ride. Obviously rode like we where on eggs but was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the corners and roundabouts!

    Now I've got her making me promise to take her out at least once each weekend.
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  15. I loved being a pillion with someone you were umm involved with! It was like another layer of our relationship and I have to say that bike, a ducati, saw an awful lot of action. I loved snuggling up pretty close and slipping my hands up under Mr Ducati's leathers and loved that at the lights he always stroked my leg or squeezed my hand.
    I loved getting off that bike and then once helmets were off a good old kiss and then a shared ciggie or similar.
    God it was fun and really quite an intimate part if our relationship...we had a few unbelievable weekends away..but all this was 30 years ago and is now just a memory...a very nice one.
    I guess that history is part of why I started riding now in a way, to recapture that sense of fun and umm other things...

    My very very first pillion ride was with my Dad at about 8 years of age. My brother got a bike to ride to uni and Dad dinked me up our battle axe gravel driveway over heaps of bumps and I was pressed up against his singleted back , clinging on like a little monkey. I did enjoy it.
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  16. Very short ago I had my first ride on a motorcycle on the back of an r1 of a friend. At a certain moment he rode 160 mph and also did very fast accelerations and really sharp turns. I really loved it and now I am looking for other fast pillion rides on sportbikes.
  17. I done most of my riding with my lovely wife on the back....affectionately referred to as "the overnight bag". It's quite rare for me to ride solo.
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  18. really gotta adjust your riding style when taking a passenger.

    Been taking my girlfriend recently, she loves it! she even fell asleep on the eastlink once
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  19. My first pillion was last weekend with the Mrs. She's only 40kg's ringing wet so it wasn't too bad, apart from all the helmet taps. I was more worried about my shitty riding and dumping her off :rolleyes: Oh and the cops 'coz I'm not supposed to ride with one ;)
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  20. vrooom tap vroooooom tap
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