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pillion seeks ride!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by serafina, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. i have a whole heap of nothing happening this weekend and was wondering if there were any riders out there nice enough to take a poor bikeless girl out for a ride on Sunday to cheer me up :). i pillion with a friend while in qld, and am missing it heaps! :(

    i have all my own gear, minus a helmet and would reallllly love to get out again.

    i'm at stanwell park...

    can anyone help? :) i'd be heaps appreciative!

  2. Love to!

    Can you meet me in Melbourne at 10.00 am?


    ...and why are you on the puter at 5.00 am????

  4. If I dont get my bike back today, can someone take me out pls :(

    good luck finding a ride sera!!!
  5. If I wasn't on restrictions, I'd come and get ya Es. :)

    It's a beautiful day out there, I can't see a cloud in sight,blue sky as far as the eye can see.
    I wonder how long it will stay that way.
  6. still not ready? ](*,) :facepalm:

    that's the $64,000 question. i hope it holds out! [-o<
  7. Suggest you ask in this topic
  8. Sorry, you shoulda messaged. :(

    I had a nice little run to Kinglake & back. :grin:

    I believe I also spotted AprilliaGirl / ILovevic on her way back at St. Andrews as I was heading up. :)
  9. lol just unbelievable...
    here i am, an attractive, young female asking for a ride, and no one wants to know...:)

    *shakes head* i don't get it!

    are you all asleep???
  10. Now you make me REALLY want to get off restrictions.....damnit
  11. I'm sure if you put some nude pictures up you'll get lots of offers :p :LOL:
  12. Why? It didn't work for me. :?

  13. its a hell of a lot more fun riding your own bike :grin:
  14. Wait till she posts the pics before you tell her that! Jeeze. :roll:

  15. aawwww....did i just ruin your fun seany :oops: . sorry mate :wink: .
  16. g'day sera as mouth surgested ask about it in the ride going this sunday in the NSW event forum.

    where are you located ?
  17. I'll get over it. :(
  18. i'm sure it is! but i don't have a bike at the moment, so i'm settling for the next best thing - doing the pillion thing :p

    i'm going for my license next weekend actually. so there you go :)

    i'm located at stanwell park, nsw dante. i'm willing to travel though.
    keen as anything but no one wants to know!!
  19. good luck with that! you will have to send seany some pics when you get a bike to keep him happy!!!
  20. :roll: Twice you've been told where is the best place to find a pillion ride in Syd tomorrow, and you haven't bothered. Is it any wonder? I'm beginning to think your just a troll or have a look-at-moi attitude, cos if you really wanted a pillion ride tomorrow you would have headed over to that topic straight away :roll: