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Pillion seat bags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Anyone know where you can get those gear bags that strap on to the pillion seat on a sports bike? At a reasonable price. What's a reasonable price? I hear you ask. Well, I saw one at the bike expo for $350. For that sort of money I could buy new socks & jocks every couple of days (whether I needed them or not) for about a year & forget about carrying anything at all on the bike.
    What about a rack? I hear you say. Sorry, but they make me cringe every time I think about parting company with my bike. Which is not beyond the realms of possibility. I can just picture myself getting hooked up in it & getting dragged down the road against my best intentions. Just my concerns anyway. Not that I want to alarm anyone who does have a rack. Not intentionally anyway.
    So if anyone has any idea about the where & how much feel free to post away. Andrew

  2. For throw-overs soft-luggage you'll have to make some sort of frame to keep the things off the exhausts/ away from swingarm.
    With all the other sharp hardware sticking out from bikes, Ventura racks are the least to cause injuries (apart from a decent bruise I imagine) and considering the forces involved, bent quite easily out of the way.
    For riding without the packrack, use the optional sports-bar to connect the 2 open tubes of the L-brackets.
    Leaves you seat-bags, similar to a huge tankbag, which have straps/ fittings around the bottom edge to be hooked onto footpeg-brackets/ framerails and the such.
  3. just bought a ventura 'bike-pack system' it's an expandable seat bag that secures to a securing pad that's attached to the seat by way of clips. very simple. no hassles with buckles, straps etc, like with the rjays seat bag i had. better quality, as well. $105 at mcas here in sydney.
  4. Cool, that sounds exactly what I am looking for. And thats also what I would call a reasonable price. You wouldn't per chance happen to know if it's waterproof? The seat bag that is.
  5. gee, i hope it is. you might want to ask 'flashfire'. she's got one, as well. perhaps enquire at: www.ventura-bike.com
  6. Roarin, I got one for about $97 from Peter Stevens and it rox!!!

    Its an Rjays one, about 36 litres and was enough for a 6 day trip to Sydney FOR A GIRL!!! (Hairdryer and sleeping bag included even).

    I've got a pic of it if you want to see it. PM me your email.
  7. Oxford Luggage make 3 panniers that work with sports bikes.

    First time luggage, humpback and sports.


    Ultra compact and designed to sit high, to not foul the exhaust.

    I'm currently using the First Time Luggage panniers on the monster and can't complain in the slightest. Only had them on for a week though. Did 200 klicks or so on Sunday through the twisties, and she was fine.

    Cost was $100 at bike biz in Sydney.

    Humpbacks are much nicer, and more roomy, but cost over $300.
    Not that much space in them but 45 L.

    The Spada has much bigger panniers, but those won't work with the monsters exhaust/seat.