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Pillion Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FZR600, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    Having only been pillion 2 times in the last 5 years (since I got my L's and a road bike), what tips are the things I should be wary of?

    My fiancee took me for a ride this afternoon to collect my car from the mechanics. At the end of the drive way I went to put both feet on the ground to stabilise the bike. I also attempted on a few occasions to use my right foot to step on the rear brake when pulling up to traffic lights. (b4 remembering that the rear pegs don't have a brake pedal)

    I also managed to head butt her a few times when she changed gears.

    Next question, do riders make better pillions that non riders? Where as a non rider won't lean with a corner, is an experienced rider likely to learn more?

  2. Yes! rider will be a better pillion than non rider, at least they know they need to lean the same way as you do when you do cornering. Wont try to againist you to the other way.
  3. Although a rider will want to ride the bike the way and style that THEY would ride if they were in the front seat. Or perhaps putting feet down at lights etc. What I tell my pillions and when cornering for them to keep their body behind mine and the easiest way for that is for them to simply look where we are going. Other than the usual pillion stuff that you tell them, the eye direction thing works best for the people I have taken pillion as when they are looking through corners for example the natural reaction is to lean. Just my .02

  4. I disagree with this to a extent as not all nonriding pillions are bad . My partner is the best pillion i have ever had on the back and she has never riden a bike before. The gear changes have to be alot more smoother with a pillion or , as u found out , the helmets will hit .
  5. How long did you guys wait before you started to pillion people? Obviously you need your licence, but in the first week of having a bike I am being asked on just about daily occurance for a ride. I have no problem saying to to people but there will be a time when it would come in handy ;) hehe

    I don't know, is it rude for me to not want to share.. oh the fun of it all!! lol
  6. this site has lots...try

  7. The abilities of riders as pillions depends on several factors.

    1) Their Blood Alcohol Content
    2) How much they decide to control the bike from the rear
    3) How many people they decide to wave to.
  8. Whether they fall asleep on the back or not....hey Flipper...:LOL:..
  9. 1) I'm very bad there
    2) If sober never, if drunk never cause I can't reach around although I try
    3) Lots :D
  10. Incidentally, it all depends, some riders have learnt to relax as a pillion and are fine, whereas those who have to be in control never learn to relax. And you get the same with non-riders as well. I'd say it's a matter of who can relax and who can't.
  11. I always tell whoever I take with me as a pillion to lean with me when we go around a corner, and to never take their feet off the pegs. When we stop, I'll hold the bike up.

    Having said that, I don't think I'll make a good pillion.
  12. If you are going to quote - do it properly..."Jeans do an acceptable job of protection, though heavier clothing is better. Don't ride in shorts or accept a ride from a rider who does."

    Surely you are not suggesting that someone accepting a pillion ride for the very first time should go out and buy leathers or draggins before doing so??? :shock: Reality Check please! 8)
  13. Yep, did that.

    My point is. They don't.
  14. Unless you're just bumbling along the street to see if they like it or not, that is exactly what I am saying. Why should your pillion be any less protected than you are? They injure just as easily as you do.
  15. I have to agree with nearly empty, If possible and I am taking a pillion who does not have all the gear then jeans are a last resort. I will lend them as much gear as they can get into. That includes a set of draggin jeans/cargos
  16. Agree with him as well . But i have a old set of riding gear for any1 that wants to go for a squirt (mainly family) they dont want to wear it , they dont hope on .
  17. I personnally dont think it comes down to riding experience as to how comfortable a pillion is on the back for themselves or the rider. My girl is fantastic on the back, a ligth weight at 50 odd kgs and with a couple years riding experience and a lot of trust in me she moves well. On the otherside one of my room mates is with no riding experience is also an awesome pillion cause she is scared s&^tless and sits real close and holds tight. And then ultimately i hate been a pillion and hence drive anyone who is carrying me mad as i want to be in control.
    As for gear jeans or long pants is a must (the heavier the better) and i will scarafice my jacket to them if i only have the one leather available, cause if in an accident it is only fair that out of the two of us i come of second best.

  18. I'd be nervous carrying a pillion if I knew they weren't protected as well as me. Plus, it'd be worse if they weren't a rider themselves. A rider knows the risks (You'd hope) and assumes them every time they ride, whereas Joe Blow (Or Jo) might not.

  19. Not refering to anyone in particular there are you Roderz??? :LOL: :p :LOL: