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Pillion problem [QLD]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ayoung, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. G'day,

    Ok first ever post, I've been a reader of these forums for a while.
    I have a quick question that hopefully someone can answer for me.

    Currently I hold an RE type licence soon to be eligible for my R type. Once I get my R type license I will be upgrading bikes,
    By the time that happens LAMS should be law in QLD.
    If I upgrade I won't be able to carry a pillion for 12 months on a R class bike.
    But I still can carry a pillion on my RE type Licence. Right?

    What I'm getting at is this.
    If I was to buy for example a sfv650 lams, how hard is it to switch to the standard model (or remove the limiter), so I can ride this bike in its unrestricted form?
    And then once the limiter is removed how hard is it to put the limiter back on, so I can carry a pillion again?

    Finally, would it be worth buying a LAMS bike purely for this purpose?


  2. from previous discussions on lams i think it is actually a big job.. changing throtte slides or carby's or something like that.. its not a switch u can just flick on and off, which makes sense,
  3. It's a bit hard to tell at the moment until the new legislation is introduced but I would agree with Chrisco in that it's not really a 'flick a switch' type setup.

    I would imagine that it would be like changing registration to a single seat where you have to have it registered with Qld transport if you convert.

    You probably need to consider how much you're going to pillion over the course of the 12 months from when you upgrade your licence. If you are going to pillion a lot of the time, I'd recommend going for the bigger, heavier bike with the LAMS conversion and deal with the lower power-to-weight ratio for 12 months, then convert.
  4. Thanks for the response.

    I thought it would be like registration change, but was hoping it would be something simpler.

  5. I can't comment on the legal situation; your description is as clear as mud :p

    But given that the Suzi motor is similar to the Hyosung, I can say that the Hyosung upgrade is a change to the throttle slides. It costs around $150 (or did when last I asked).

    In NSW de-restrictions are noted by the dealer and the information is passed on to the RTA. This is to verify at later inquiry that the bike is now un-restricted, and whether or not a person is legally able to ride the bike in unrestricted form.

    Re-restricting a bike requires the same process in reverse.
  6. Hi,

    I went through all of this stuff with the suzuki lams bikes already.

    The suzuki (SV650, gladius or GSX650F) cannot be derestricted legallyin Australia. It has not gone through the appropriate ADR approvals to do so.

    This is against all of the common sense arguments about why it should be legal but it is the way it goes.

    Unfortunately you cannot "re-restrict" any bike in NSW. While the mechanical process may be simple, the RTA only allow a one way change from a LAMS bike to a unrestricted model. Once this is done the bike can never be reregistered as a LAMS model.

  7. In Victoria, if you had you L's before the LAMS came in, you were able to ride all the old bikes & all the new bikes, best of both worlds.

    I presume there would be a similar provision for Qld when it comes in... :?

    ie if LAMS comes in 1 month before you get your R license, you only need to do one more month on a restricted LAMS bike.
  8. Unfortunately you cannot "re-restrict" any bike in NSW. While the mechanical process may be simple, the RTA only allow a one way change from a LAMS bike to a unrestricted model.

    Important piece of info, that slik, thanks for clarifying it.
  9. Hmm, ahh well, I might go and get a Z750 and give the mrs a the flick for a year, more of a reason to for her to learn to ride.

    Thanks again guys