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Pillion Passenger = Shitloads of Fuel

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aldrich_87, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. I always bragged to my mates about how $20 of petrol would last me forever.

    You could imagine how I felt when I was doing 110 on the M5 with my lady friend and the engine cutting out. I didn;t know wtf was going.

    After triple checking everything... I opened the tank only to find it empty. Had to walk 2-3kms to refill my baby. For all you newbies out there, here's a good lesson learnt.
  2. The best economy I've ever achieved on my 9R was with a pillion passenger aboard...

    Fuel economy is mostly about how you ride the bike... unless your pillion is seriously heavy and sits with knees out acting like a drag sail.
  3. I agree with Rob.
    A pillion make no difference to my economy.
    A screeming 2stroke may be different. What bike are you on?
  4. looks like he's on a Kwaka ZXR250 so the pillion probably would make a difference.
  5. Oh come on... thats going a bit far. Of course it will. More weight = engine working harder = uses more fuel.

    but of course the difference would be more noticable on a 250 then a zx14 or something.

    What bike, how big is your lady friend and how much more fuell did it use?
  6. Once you are up to speed the difference in weight makes a marginal difference in fuel consumption. It comes down to drag at that point.
    So guys that means no dressing up in a sequins ball gown and riding, it is just to much drag. :rofl:
  7. Horses for courses. Smoother riding with a pillion usually means improved fuel economy - especially if you normally ride in a spirited way on your own... until of course, you do the jamaican bobsled thing that Loz and I did earlier in the year... :twisted:
  8. Exactly Rob :)
    Now was that bobsled or boobsled?
  9. I usually get horrible fuel consumption.. after dropping a pillion off :D
  10. Yeah I reckon i'd get better fuel economy not trying to freak out whoevers on the back!

    This seems to be a 250 issue, but what are you doin pillioning on your Ps hmmmmmmm? ;-)
  11. im actually on my full licence. just havn't ridden for a while. so I thought I'd get a 250 to get me started agn =P
  12. hmmm ... were u riding with your tap on reserve ? If so..turning it to 'on' in the future will save u long walks...
  13. Stuff pillioning with a 2fiddy, you'd get bloody overtaken by a hyundai excel!