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Pillion passenger 8yr old on 300km trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr930, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hi, just after your thoughts on taking my 8 yr old on a 300km trip. Never had him on behind before now. We will not be stopping , and he does go to sleep easily in the car. Do you think this will be safe ? Is it legal ?

  2. Are you by any chance low on brain cells?

    Hes 8 its a motorbike, motorbikes are much more dangerous then cars and if he gets tired and falls asleep chances are he will come off..

    Unless you tie him to you.
  3. That sort of trip is rediculous long for a youngen
    I know in qld 8 is the minimal age you can take a child on the bike.
  4. 8 years old is the minimum in NSW too
  5. It's to late now,but a hello in welcome lounge would have been better before asking questions like this.
    Why ask this question when if you are responsible,you have already answered your question.
    Your son falls asleep in the car ,and you want to take him on a long bike ride.
    Unless you tie him to the bike,don't even think about it.
  6. +1!!!! :!:
  7. I think the law in NSW is changed/changing to a minimum of 11 years old.
  8. No, the law is 8 years old in NSW and will be changing to 8 in Vic.

    I have taken my boys on the back of the bikes since they have been 6 and they have gone out on day rides with us as well and have covered 300 kms in one day. But that was with lots and lots of stops and breaks to keep them alert. And that was bike fit kids, not their first time!!
    One thing I can tell you, in one hit he will never make it.

    Kids lose concentration very quickly. Even mature 8 year olds.
  9. would he fit in this?

    imho i think 8 is too young for such a trip
  10. I dont think you should be so harsh. I personally had my first ride (pill) at the age of 3. before the age of 8 i had done thousands of kilometres as a pillion.

    young pillion passengers need training and practice at staying on the back. i would suggest things like a run around the block to see if your son enjoys it and is interested.

    start small
    -lap around the block
    -pickup from school (will make a hit for his friends :p)
    -local ride (start some cornering)

    when you have done these things start considering half day rides then full day rides.

    my first day ride was at the age of 6. I was however comfortable with the bike.

    i dont think you guys should judge mr930. while i dont think he should i think he should. start putting his boy on the back as soon as possible and work up to it.

    remember its a forum. he asked a question because he wanted your opinion of his problem. not whether you think he is an idiot.

    had i have not been a pillion passenger i would not know half as much as i do about being safe on bikes now.
  11. Mr930,

    Legalities aside, an experience like this would be something out-of-this-world for your son... think the first time we, as little children, were given the chance to experience something special, something HUGE...etched in our minds forever.
    I'm sure your son would LOVE this experience. IF there is a way of securing him to the bike etc and you, his father, is 150% sure that he'll be safe, then by all means ..look into it !
    Here's to a memorable day for you both.
  12. You wont be stopping for 300km's? Even at 100km/h average, that's a 3 hour trip... I don't think I could go that long without a toilet break now, let alone when I was 8.

    I don't really think there's a huge chance of your son falling asleep on his first ride on a bike... he'll probably be shitting himself! lol

    What's your riding experience? Have you taken many pillions before?

    While I can't speak from experience, I tend to agree with what others have said... take him on a couple of short rides first to see how he handles it. Additionally, you don't really want to be ironing out first time pillion issues on such a long trip - could cause a mistake you can't afford to make.
  13. Mega danger, I wouldn't take a child on motorbike unless it was in a vacant street with little or no moving vehicles.
  14. And if the bike goes down, as they sometimes do? There's a reason there's no talk of seat belts for bikes (or even sidecars).

    Kids easily nod off on bikes.

    I'm all for giving him bike experiences, but if you're looking for opinions I'd say, along wit hmost, sure: but work him up to it... It only takes one mistake and [-----] (you can fill in the blank...)
  15. What bike do you have that has a 300km range?

    If it's a Goldwing with pillion back and arm-rests, no worries.

    If it's something leaner, you may want to stop halfway and gouge a red-bull into the kid... or just ride in exciting enough a manner that adrenalin keeps them awake.

    Whatever safety precautions you have to take: make it happen. Your son will love it, remember it always, and every kid at school will be mucho jealouso of the experience.
  16. I'd definitely have a helmet to helmet intercom just so you can easily keep monitoring their alertness and warn them of hard stops etc, and make sure they aren't dozing off and they can easily let you know how they are without trying to tap your shoulders etc.

    I would call it a pretty risky endeavour and one that should the worst happen you would never forgive yourself..... but hey kids can die crossing the street also so nothing in life is without any risk
  17. :-k
    Bad Idea
  18. OP, only you know your kid. Helmet to helmet intercom could help but I personally find if the helmet is shit on the noise factor, intercoms become useless after 80km/h...

    Some form or constant communication I think would be required, tap his leg, point to something on the side of the road, whatever. And i'd recommend 50km stops, but that's just me. I've only taken pillion a few times, and a few of those times my pillion forgets to hold on when I take off gently at the lights (and yes, that pillion does ride :roll: ). When I ride with pil, a lot of my mind set is whether or not the pillion is holding on... I'm sure yours will be also, however, it only takes one slip on concentration and he's gone.............

    As the others have said, start with a heap of small rides. Make sure he's rested before the ride also...
  19. Too young. My kids would get sooky and fidgety after 45 mins at that age. Your kid needs to be ride fit for such a long distance. Small steps first.
  20. Welcome to NR. Personally, I wouldn't be putting the safety of my 8 year-old son in the hands of a bunch of strangers. I think you already know the answer to your question. Nevertheless, if you want advice, here it is. No, absolutely not safe.