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pillion laws in QLD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lewy, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys. I got my open license (R) through Q-ride last October (after riding on my L's for 9 years) and have heard a rumour that I can't take pillion passengers until I have held my R for 12 months. I checked the licensing site and couldn't find any mention of this. Does anyone know what the laws really are :?: :?: .

    Thanks, Steve :grin:

  2. thats right
    12 months until you can pillion or escort a learner :)
  3. hiya lewy :) welcome aboard :)

    i just skimmed the queensland government site and found this for ya.

    How long must you have held a Provisional or Open motorbike licence before you may carry a pillion passenger?
    Answer (click here)
    After holding a motorbike licence for that class for at least one year.

    taken form their sample questions for the learners test. hope it helps.

    where bouts in qld are you? we are getting a good group of riders on netrider now in bris :) plenty of planned rides/events coming up and there is always coffee nights at milton on fridays.
  4. Does anyone know how your insurance would be affected if you had an accident while carrying a pillion, even if it wasn't your fault? Would it be the same as if an RE license holder was riding above their restrictions? (i.e. you wear all blame and costs)
  5. If you have an off that is not your fault, regardless of what you are riding, you will not wear the blame. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The worst that happens is you be infringed for riding with a pillion or a bike that is not learner/provisional legal, that's it.

    If on the other hand it IS your fault, you are going to be paying for an eternity if you injure anyone badly, or damage anything expensive.
  6. hey lewy, welcome....can't help but wanted to say hi....maybe u should post a message in the welcome section so we can welcome you properly???