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Pillion in first 12 months

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by White Shadow, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals, I have just obtained my R open bike licence and have been informed that I have wait another 12 months to pillion if I upgrade the bike which was the intention. Now my question is have you been busted with a pillion when you are in the restricted 12 months?


  2. OP knows he's restricted, the question was had anyone been busted? Probably the same chance as many things; unroadworthy, illegal mods, riding a bike that you aren't licenced to ride etc.. We've got a blitz going on here ATM, so if you were here, a higher chance of being sprung. I've had a licence and rego check on my last two rides (including today).
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  3. I would be more concerned about your riding ability and the pillion on the back with your inexperience on the bike...No disrespect brother
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  4. That's because they want to chat you up :]
  5. I pillioned someone (reluctantly) and I have a big green P on the back of my bike and went past the cops successfully.

    I'm sure it would depend on the circumstances, If you are on a noticeable big bike and you have no P's on it and you have a cop behind you I don't think he would question it. But you never know
  6. That sux as in nsw u can pillion as soon as u get your full licence .
  7. You can pillion when you get your full license, just only on a LAMS bike. So if you upgrade you can't pillion. QLD at least
  8. That's friggin ridiculous
  9. Not only ridiculous, but confusing. In NSW you can pillion as soon as you are on a full open licence and ride any bike. Also since NSW has done away with rego stickers, the police check your rego status with thier computer. Lots of $1200 fines being issued for expired rego and lots of people complaining that because ther's no rego sticker, they just forgot. When Checking the rego, the police also can chekc the licence details of the owner. So don't think that not putting P's on your bike, you wont be detected. I've heard of a few people who rode big bikes without P's and got busted even though they were'nt doing anything wrong.
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    None taken Dude, if I was not confident in pillioning I would not attempt it. I have been on dirt bikes off and on for 30 years and 13 months ago went to road bikes for work commuting. I feel very confident on the road and had no issues adapting to the bigger bike at the Qride course, the instructor commented that I have great form and I should think about leaving the cruisers and go to a sport bike. I will only be pillioning my son who rides mx and my Mrs for some club rides. Non of this would happen until I am attuned with the bigger bikes personality.
    With the rule the way it is I could throw the licence in the draw and dig it out in 12 months with out having ridden any bike for year then buy a 109 and throw the cheese and kisses on the back and charge of into the sunset.

    There is nothing wrong with my ability to acquire information via google, please re-read the post and question before making condescending comments.

    Oh and I have been pillioning on the smaller bike now my Mrs ain't big but with two up the 400 feels the hills.
  11. It all makes me think its a sinister plot by the government authorities. Make the rules confusing so people make mistakes. Put a political spin on the rules to make people think you are trying to make things better by preventing people from making mistakes. Then when people do make mistakes, hit them with a big fine, blaming them for all the carnage.
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    Spot on

    Makes you think, in 20 years, what will we think when we look back on our bikes today?
  13. Looking at the website, the rules are very clear cut, Lams bike and no pillion for first 12 months of 'full' or P plate licence.
  14. I know what the rule is same as I know what the rules are for filtering, using a phone and speeding as I am quite capable of reading and understanding the rules once again the question is "Now my question is have you been busted with a pillion when you are in the restricted 12 months?"
  15. Wasn't quoting you mate. Although i don't think anyone on the forum should give advice that is trying to persuade someone to break a law
  16. I am not asking for their advice I am enquiring as to if they have been caught bending the rules. Hell I am sure I bend a rule every time I go for a ride
  17. ... which appears to cover the RE licence class (LAMS), after which then eligible to upgrade to R class (any capacity). Until R class licence has also been held for at least 12 months, are restricted to pillioning on LAMS bikes. (from link given)

    “When am I allowed to carry a passenger on a motorcycle?
    You are only allowed to carry a passenger on a motorcycle if you hold a provisional or open licence that authorises you to ride that class of vehicle and you have held that class of licence for at least 12 months.”

    Need to be authorised to ride specific classes of vehicle and have held that authorisation (RE, R) for at least 12 mths before pillioning on bike in that class. Looks a bit different to other states.

    Yup, and there’s those that do. From the few in Vic that I’ve encountered that’ve done a similar thing, eg. sat out restricted period till can get the bike of their dreams because "this riding biz is a doddle", most have then really struggled and blamed the bike, thinking the bike is crap etc. Not that this is quite the same as your situation, but am guessing the further restriction is perhaps aimed at getting to know handling characteristics of new vehicle class/capacities before complicating matters with a pillion.

    Still doesn’t answer your question, sorry, but if that does happen it looks like it may cost 1 demerit and $110 (if it comes under 49 Failing to comply with condition stated on Queensland driver licence)
  18. Thanks Night Owl, I hadn't even looked at the cost of getting busted but at 110 bill and one point it will not break me if upgraded the ride and happened to pillion some one. In all honesty I am sure the bigger bike will better to pillion on as the 400 doesn't like the extra weight on hills or hi ways
  19. How would it affect insurance is what I would be worried about.

    I could see the insurance company trying to get out of pay out because you wouldn't of crashed with only the rider. Even if it's only your comprehensive insurer trying that on it would suck