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Pillion Hitchhiker?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justus, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Yes I Have &/or I Would

  2. No I Havent &/or Wouldnt

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  1. Went for my usual 45min ride after dinner last night & saw a hitchhiker (carrying a helmet) just as I was passing. He was a bikie looking dude carrying the typical black open faced bikie helmet. We briefly made eye contact; long enough for him to realise it was a fellow motorcyclist & he raised his helmet out towards me.

    I instinctively released throttle but was going way to fast to stop & I had cars behind me as well.

    For a brief moment I contemplated whether I should do a U-turn or not, but for whatever reason I kept going. No idea if I didnt do a U-turn because he was a big bastard; because I didnt want to interupt my ride; because I didnt see no bike on the side of the road; lack of trust or simpy because I couldnt have cared less. IMHO I have no idea why I didnt go back.

    Anyway, I'd be interested to gauge all your responses/experiences; whether you have ever stopped to pick someone up before, or would you ever stop if presented with same/similar circumstance, or could your decision go either way depending on certain factors etc etc.

  2. I won't pick up hitchhikers (being female and all), but maybe he was looking to get a new set of wheels and came supplied with a helmet :wink: and you may have done the right thing by not being able to stop!

    And this could also raise the question, would you get on the bike behind a complete stranger? I know I am very particular who I jump on behind, and that is even knowing them. :?
  3. I wouldn't unless I saw the bike buggered on the side of the road, and ask if they've been pillion before, be a real tight wad about it.
    End of the day, it's your bike and both your lives if things go wrong.

    But.. i'm on my L's, so i'd point at my L plate and keep riding
  4. The way things have been going with Netriders of late, if I was hitchhiking and I saw a bike with a Netrider number-plate surround, I'd wave it on by :LOL:

    No, I'd be very reluctant to pick up a hitchhiker on the bike, unless he or she was standing beside an obviously sick bike....

    And I'd be very choosy whose bike I got on the back of too....
  5. Yeah I'd pick 'im up.

    Big fat tough bikie or not, a cuddle's a cuddle, right?


    Anyway, what's the worst that could happen? He pinches the bike. Beaut, I'd tell him to make sure it doesn't get found so I can get me a nice new one on insurance.
  6. I can't see myself ever stopping to pick up a hitchhiker...bike or car. If I was able to though, I would pull over and see if the man with the helmet needed any help.

    +1000 if it was a sunny day and he was in leathers and looking particularly HOT. ;)

    As for riding pillion with a stranger - I did it but only after gathering from his posts that he had his head screwed on properly. I wouldn't just jump on with anyone.

    I did it knowing I was his first pillion too. :LOL:
  7. If he wasnt next to a bike or Id noticed one a k down the road I wouldnt be keen on giving them any ride.

    If they were waving a me Id stop and check they are ok, as you do (might have crashed and bikes in the bushes).
    But theres always the judgement of character and where you are, if its sus your safest to keep going.

    Good way to jack a bike, climb on the back, put a knife to their throat as their about to move and tell them to get off, then just slide forward and go.
  8. Before relinquishing your bike to the knife-wielder, turn fuel tap to OFF ;)
  9. I would just pull over and see if they where ok. If they where in trouble and seemed on the level I would probably give 'em a lift.
  10. Riding down Nepean Hwy at St.Kilda, a drug hazed woman was standing in the middle of the road on a pedestrian crossing. The lights turned green and all of the cars drove carefully around her as she tried to flag them down.
    As i rode up i said, 'better get off the road luv'
    Took me by surprise, but she asked me for a lift.
    Me - 'you don't have a helmet'
    Her - 'doesn't matter'
    Me - 'the cops will bust me'
    Her - 'not going far, just to the pub on the corner, cops wont see us'
    (now there's cars going around her and i stopped in the middle of the road having a natter)
    Me - 'i don't care how far you're going, i'm not taking you'
    Her - 'you have to, i have to get to the pub, it's important'
    Me - (thinking to myself) I'm trying to reason with a crackhead, who's crazier now?
    Me - 'get off the road crackhead'
    Her - 'get *#@&^$, etc, etc.'

    Big smelly bikers, St.Kilda crackheads, NOoooooo!
    Chick at the end of Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man, Yeeeesss!

  11. #11 MattyB, Nov 23, 2006
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    "*pause* get off the road crackhead"

    GOLD! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Look, ok, you may get your bike pinched, or the pillion could make you crash. So long as they weren't an HD rider I would totally pick them up (jus cos I don't want to ruin my rear shock that's all :) )

    So yeah chalk one up for the "I would totally pick up a hitchhiker, no matter how many teeth they have/n't"
  13. Wouldn't on the bike unless it was a 'weak female' ;) Laugh.

    I've picked up a few hitchikers in my car back when I lived in the middle of nowhere (Indented Head). I spent 5 years hitchiking nearly each week there as there were 3 buses A DAY so if you missed one, 3-5 hr wait some times *sigh* so hitchiking was the order of the day around that area. Picking up drunk dudes, had some GREAT fantastic convos and stuff. Fun fun fun :grin:

    Probably wouldn't do it in melbourne, too much crap has happened lately, hearing of stabbings and stuff of people. *shakes head* Too sad :?
  14. Haha!

    I wouldn't pick him up unless he was near a crook bike.
  15. Yeah I would be less likely to pick people up in my car cos I used to hitchhike in the snowy mountains and the stories I heard from other hitchhikers... let's just say one "traveller" was picked up by a Mercedes E55 and he chucked his snowboard in the back seat and ripped the leather trim, but didn't say anything about it. :p I guess I'm just a little cautious, still on the bike... bring it on.
  16. So paranoid! Where are you from, a New York ghetto?

    So unjustified. Stealing a bike isn't that hard, so random assaults to steal your bike are even less of a problem than the miniscule possibility of being carjacked.

    I'd definetly pick up most hitchhikers most of the time.
  17. I've picked up hitchhikers in the car lots. I am selective. I wouldn't do it with my daughter in the car and women get a lot more lifts than blokes.

    I havn't had the chance to pick up a bike rider yet but definatly would.
  18. I've also picked up hitch hikers in cars plenty of times, mainly when i was living in the country.
    Never on the bike, not ready for pillions yet really, not strangers anyway.
    I think time of day is important. The nut cases often tend to some out in the late afternoon/early evening.
  19. one day i passed a man holding a gerry can and walking up the highway.

    i was close to my parents house where i had a spare helmet. i pulled up and asked him if he wanted a ride back to his car.

    it's a good thing i did that. the guy had concrete setting in the boot of his car and needed to get back quick so he could dump it where it was intended.

    i got my spare helmet and he jumped on the back and i drove him 5 ks up the road to his car.

    i gotta say, it felt funny having a fella on the biatch seat.

    he probably got home and told his wife "yeah, just when i started the 5k walk back, a young lady pulled up on her motorcycle and offered me a lift. she was my knight in shining armor".
  20. I've hitchhiked once on the M2, mind you at the time i was standing next to a bike with a slight oil slick in the air. I had managed to blow a piston on my cb250 K1.

    A bloke on a Gixxer 750 gave me a lift to windsor train station so that i could get home.