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Pillion Grips on a GS500F?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by reb00tz, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've got a new GS500F (or near-new since I dropped it).

    Now, I've got another funny question (or once again, not so funny if you were me): does anyone know of pillion grips that can be bought/installed on my GS500F?

    The reason is this: I tried putting the bike up on the center stand, but for the life of me, I couldn't (either poor technique or just being plain too light at 70kg). To make matters worse, there doesn't appear to be a side grip - instead the GS500F has a grip at the rear of the bike.

    I *think* I should be able to hoist the thing up on the center stand if I could just get a grip using my right hand that doesn't need to stretch all the way to the back.

    Edit: Speillingg
  2. Look under the bike, there should be handles under the seat. You want to use pull those up whilst using your left hand to pull the bike back, and use your weight to prop the stand up.
  3. It's all about technique. When dad bought his 400 Ninja recently, even he had trouble putting it on the centre stand. He used to rock it back and forward until momentum carried it skywards. One day I was browsing the net, and found something that said you should concentrate more on pushing down rather than pulling up. Sure enough I went outside, and tried it, and went up almost effortlessly. Make sure you're wearing boots though, as sneakers or thongs won't cut it, and you'll hurt your feet. Place most of your weight on the stand with the ball of your foot on the stand and hold the bars straight and try lifting under the fender/seat (I hold the luggage rack mounts). You'll be surprised how easy it is with correct technique, and wonder why you struggled before.
  4. +1

    • With the bike on the side stand and the bars straight, stand on the left side of the bike. (It's easier to start with the bike already on the stand. If you get into trouble, you can just put it back down on the side stand.)
    • Grab the bar with your left hand, hold the back of the bike with your right hand and put your right foot on the centre stand, pushing it down to the ground.
    • Slowly push the bike away from you, until you feel the other side of the centre stand touch the ground. Trust me, you'll feel it.
    • Place your right hand under the seat or frame (wherever the handle is). Keep your right arm straight and bend your leg to do this.
    • Now, push down with your right leg, keeping your right arm straight. The bike should come up and back with ease.

    With a full tank, my bike weighs 260kg+ and I can put it up on the stand with no hassles at all.

    Oh, as fish' said, wear shoes when doing this.
  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for the tips. I finally found the grip under the seat after some careful "touchy feely"...

    Managed to get the bike up on the stand. Now, to learn how to ride! :p
  6. Might want to take it off the stand to do that. :p
  7. Heh, yeah, I didn't necessarily meant in that order. :grin:
  8. Oh, I dunno..... A mate of mine used to have a party trick he'd wheel out when most of us were getting slightly snozzled way back when this sort of thing was more of a laugh than a worry....

    He'd barrel along the street at night and play "sparky" with the centre stand of his bike..... Ah well, that was 20 years ago I guess. We are all older and wiser now.... :roll: