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Pillion falling off fear - how to deal with?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brownyy, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Yo all;

    I'm putting this in new riders tips because when it comes to taking 2up I have limited experience.

    One of my pillions weights next to f--k all, 42kg or something, once she was trained up she's great to wizz about with, but in one occurrence, she shifted oh so slightly in a long corner (I'd taught her not to if possible) and I was convinced she'd come off. I couldn't feel her arms around me, or any of her touching me on the back or her knees on the sides of me etc. It was night also so I couldn't see her in the mirrors, I had to reach back and make sure she was still there.

    Does anyone else have this fear or concern? At times it restricts me from using full power if I need it or doing certain things as I'm not confident that they are holding on. The last thing I want to do is gas it and they flick off the back like road rash girl or tipping the bike in to dodge traffic and they aren't staying on.

    Any solutions? Any ideas? My first instinct is to tell them to hold on but reality is they can't concentrate 100% of the time and be expecting a wheelie at any moment (unless Chef is taking them).

    Currently I have a thing with pillions;
    "If I grab your left arm and pull it around me, hand the f-on"
    "If I point to the sky, sit back and relax I won't be using any throttle or sudden movements".

    Usually this is fine, and I only use that sky point thing on freeways with medium to low easy flowing traffic. However the longer stretches in traffic etc fatigues the pillion more (as the Daytona is an @rse to go pillion on IMHO) so in my mind they sit back more at traffic lights etc.

    Yeah, anyone??


  2. tap on left leg, means hold the **** on....as for the rest, well just try to be smooth is all you can, imo not really much more you can do....also tell them to keep an eye on whats happening infront, it means they can set themselves up for approaching braking area's (ie reach round and place hand on tank to reduce them sliding into you, more when in twisties) and makes it much nice on the rider etc...

    The other option i know of is to wear a pillion belt (mate did it for kids) just has to handles on the side, they preferred it to the grab rail and arms weren't big enough to reach round rider
  3. Stop riding like a c0ck with pillions on, I reckon that's the solution! :D
  4. Just 'cause you didn't get a ride Loz.... :rofl:
  5. Gaffer tape.

    Or, for a neater, more permanent solution, Velcro.
  6. We all need to face our fears - push them off
  7. Good idea, I currently only have the 'left leg = hold the fk on' thing setup with my pilions. Never occured to me to give them an 'ok lulz I'll let you relax for a bit' motion. Will definitely be using that..

    As for knowing they're holding on.. maybe one of those pilion belts might be worth a try? And if you dont have a grip seat, get one (or make one) they are the bomb.
  8. I find that having a rack with a high back makes pillions feel much more secure, even if it's not used as a back rest.

    Something like the Ventura series...
  9. Yeah thats right browny, you need a rack for your 675 mate :)

    Seriously though, tap on the left let means hang on to my pillions too.

    Tell em to make like a sack of spuds, dont lean in, dont lean out, just sit there Take it sleazy, remember the stakes are higher with a pillion cause if you come off, your not only gunna be putting a dent in your own day.

    Maybe thats one of the advantages of riding the 'exon valdeez' of sports tourers, my pillion could be doing a pretty spirited macarena back there and I probably wouldnt notice the difference

  10. Errr?? Just a high friction covering for the pillion seat?? Mine is stock atm, would it help splashing some of that stuff on the tank where the pillions hands sit?

    This is for me, not them... :p

    Shuuuudddduuupp!!! [-(

    Yeah I give them the spuds talk, I'm just more concerned if in an emergency situation I have to prod at one of the bars or wrap on a heap of throttle they won't be their on the exit.

    Maybe I should just face riding with pil sucks until they get off and ride you... :-s

    right e o, cheers
  11. I have quite a bit of experience with Caroline (partner) as a pillion, Brownyy.

    First things first!...there are VERY strict rules.

    I tap her left leg, and that means, HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE!...I tap her right leg, and she knows I am just going to cruise it, and she acan relax a bit.

    Pillioning is a team effort...she has to ride the bike with you, get to know your style, how you react to situations, etc, so that she can anticipate your moves according to the traffic, road etc.

    Caroline, were it not for the fact that the rear seats on sports bikes are so far off the bloody ground, was quite capable of dragging a leg with me if necessary. She would have it out there anyway..., with her inside arm off the tank so that I could slide acorss into position correctly for the corners...

    But I'll repeat it...your pillion is NOT a passenger, they are an additional rider on the bike, and as such, have things to do...assume THAT, and you'll pair up more easily.

    You as the lead rider also need feedback from her, so she MUST communicate with you, or you will be distracted by thoughts of "is she ok, is she comfy, is she shit-scarred etc etc.

    So tell her what signals you want, and ask her to repeat them regularly so YOU know how she is going at any given time. Otherwise you might as well strap on a sack of potatoes and take them for a ride.

    As for you...be prepared for those moments when you don't quite sinc up properly, as it will affect the bike dramatically., and you will have to cover it.


    Good luck..-)
  12. No sudden inputs and you wont catch your pillion unawares.

    It doesn't come much better than an adult pillion that light. If they're bike friendly they can be proactive and have virtually no impact on a bike.

    +1 for the triboseat cover. Gives the pillion a lot of confidence if they're not sliding around everywhere.

  13. One place that makes em.. 'tribo seat'. About $30-40 from ebay. Its just a mesh anti slip material that you can pick up at your hardware. And wouldn't be hard to make. I just bought one for the convenience and having it fit exactly right.

    Pilions love it.
  14. The triboseat covers polish off over time if you pillion a lot. I ended up getting a roll of cheap arse rubber shelf liner from the $2 shop and stapled some layers over the top of the tribo seat to help pillion comfort.
  15. i rarely take a passenger for safety concerns. though, it's enjoyable to share the ride experience with the OPPOSITE SEX...;)

    saying, that, um, i tell her what to do, what not to do, relax, hold on, any hand signals etc, but i tend to disagree that a passenger is an additional rider and as such needs to do anything more. my particular passenger is a non-rider. she takes her cues from me.
  16. if she's only 40 kilos you could probably fit her in a backpack... modified with holes cut for ams and legs...it's likely she'd find that demeaning though... ummm ..Givi child seat maybe?
    or "you quit crying and get in your backpack, else i'm buying you a child seat!"

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  17. I've had a few novice pillions and all the instruction I've ever given them is "Hold on to me, lean with me and, whatever happens, TRUST ME, because if it's a real emergency, the last thing I need is a panicking passenger thrashing about".

    It's worked so far, but then, I don't generally give it heaps when I've got someone on the back. Apart from that long-ago summer day chasing a Porsche 911 Turbo across Wales, for which I hope the statute of limitations has run out................
  18. I've gone with the Triboseat and my missus is very happy. Definitely stops the sliding around. As she rides herself going two-up with her hasn't been a drama. Once leaving a carpark I stalled it and she had the presence of mind to not panic and throw her leg out to stop the fall. For that I'm greatful as it would've been embarrassing as hell seeing two adults lying on the ground with the bike on top.

    With my daughter she seems to relax and a few times has admitted that she's felt sleepy on the back, and that scares the hell out of me. Not sure whether I take that as a compliment of being a safe and consistent rider or that I ride like a granny and it's boring as hell.
  19. The answer is simple: pillion chicks with huge boobs and you'll always know they're there behind you pushing up against your back :)

  20. fun and games asside, it is rather a serious question.. particularly with young children, long trips, could fall asleep.
    only thing i can think of would be those helmet to helmet communication head sets.. and if you're concerned about your pillion you can get chatty... their voice would give sign of any discomfort, drowsyness.